Ducati DesertX Rally 2024: An Off-Road Adventure Like No Other

Welcome to the ultimate review of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024! In this blog post, we will delve into the exhilarating world of off-road motorcycling and explore everything you need to know about this iconic event. From the stunning design of the Ducati DesertX Rally to the heart-pounding performance it offers, this review will leave you craving for an unforgettable adventure on two wheels. So, gear up and get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of off-road motorcycling with the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024!

Introduction to the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

Ducati DesertX Rally 2024: An Off-Road Adventure Like No Other
Ducati DesertX Rally 2024: An Off-Road Adventure Like No Other

The Ducati DesertX Rally is an annual off-road motorcycling event that brings together passionate riders from all around the world. Held in various breathtaking locations, each rally offers a unique and challenging experience for both seasoned riders and beginners alike. The 2024 edition of the Ducati DesertX Rally promises to be a game-changer, with its innovative design, cutting-edge technology, and unmatched performance.

After launching the DesertX as its most off-road-capable bike yet, Ducati has once again raised the bar with the higher-spec DesertX Rally – a version that targets even more extreme use than the Dakar-inspired original. The DesertX Rally replicates the upgrades made to Antoine Meo’s factory-backed competition bike, which triumphed in the twin-cylinder class of this year’s Iron Road Prologue at the Erzbergrodeo. Consequently, it ditches some of the rallye-raid aesthetics of the standard DesertX, which pays homage to the Ducati-engined Cagiva Elefants that propelled Edi Orioli to victory in the Dakar rally in 1990 and 1994. Instead, it incorporates motocross-inspired elements such as a high-mounted front mudguard and even taller, longer-travel suspension compared to the stock machine.

Unveiling the Design of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

The design of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 is a perfect blend of elegance and ruggedness. It combines the best of both worlds, offering a sleek and aerodynamic body that effortlessly glides through any terrain. The bike’s striking appearance is further enhanced by its rally-inspired graphics and bold color schemes, which add a touch of aggression to its overall look. These design elements perfectly reflect the bike’s powerful performance capabilities and hint at the adrenaline-fueled adventures it is ready to embark on.

However, the Ducati DesertX Rally is not just about looks. It is built to tackle even the most challenging off-road conditions with ease. The bike’s high ground clearance ensures that it can navigate over rocks, roots, and uneven surfaces without any hindrance. Additionally, a protective skid plate shields the bike’s essential components from potential damage caused by rough terrains. This feature provides riders with peace of mind, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the thrill of off-road riding.

Furthermore, the Ducati DesertX Rally’s robust suspension system truly sets it apart from the competition. Designed to handle the harshest conditions, this suspension system keeps the bike stable and responsive even when faced with uneven terrain, jumps, or sudden obstacles. It effectively absorbs shocks and impacts, offering riders a smooth and controlled ride regardless of the challenges they encounter.

The Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 is a true testament to Ducati’s commitment to excellence. Its impeccable design seamlessly blends elegance with ruggedness, creating a visually appealing machine that is built to perform. With its sleek body, rally-inspired graphics, high ground clearance, protective skid plate, and robust suspension system, this bike is ready to conquer any off-road challenge that comes its way.

Power and Performance of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

Underneath its striking exterior, the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 houses a powerful engine that delivers exceptional performance on any terrain. The bike is equipped with a state-of-the-art liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine, providing ample power and torque. The advanced fuel injection system ensures optimal fuel efficiency and throttle response, allowing riders to navigate rough terrains with ease. With its lightweight frame and agile handling, the Ducati DesertX Rally offers unrivaled control and stability, enhancing the overall riding experience.

The 937cc Testastretta 11° is one of the mainstays of Ducati’s range. It powers the Monster, Supersport, Hypermotard, and Multistrada V2. In the DesertX Rally, the engine remains unaltered from the stock bike. This means you get 110hp at 9,250rpm and 92Nm (68lb-ft) at 6,500rpm. The engine features the classic Ducati characteristics, including the 90-degree ‘L’ layout and desmodromic valvetrain. It also has some more recent family such long intervals of 15,000km/-months and valve clearance checks every 30,000km.

Like the DesertX the DesertX Rally pairs the L-twin engine with transmission that has dedicated bike ratios. These ratios are geared shorter than the street-biased equivalents to improve acceleration and low-speed control when riding off-road. However, a long sixth gear ensures that long-distance, high-speed touring is not a chore. The DesertX Rally comes standard with Ducati’s DQS quickshifter, which has programming specifically tailored to the DesertX. Additionally, a restricted version with 35kW (47hp) is available for A2 license holders.

Similar to the standard DesertX, the DesertX Rally offers a wide range of modes and settings to choose from. It includes six riding modes that preselect settings from four power modes, three levels of engine braking, eight traction control settings, and four wheelie control strategies. The riding modes also adjust the settings of the cornering ABS, which has three levels to choose from.

The six riding modes are as follows: Sport mode provides full power, Touring mode reduces power to 95hp and softens power delivery, Urban mode limits power to 75hp, Wet mode increases electronic aids, Enduro mode provides 75hp with rapid throttle response, and Rally mode unleashes all 110hp with a quick throttle. Rally mode also has minimal traction control and ABS, with deactivated wheelie control.

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Off-Road Capability of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

The Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 is a motorcycle that has been meticulously designed to excel in off-road adventures. With its purpose-built features, this bike is the perfect companion for those seeking thrilling experiences in challenging terrains. One of the standout features of the DesertX Rally is its long-travel suspension system, which allows the bike to effortlessly absorb bumps and obstacles along the way. This ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, no matter how rough the terrain may be.

Furthermore, the rally-specific tires on this Ducati model offer exceptional traction on various surfaces, allowing riders to maintain maximum grip and control even in the trickiest conditions. Safety is also a top priority with this motorcycle, as it is equipped with an advanced braking system that provides precise stopping power whenever needed. Whether you find yourself tackling rocky trails or traversing sandy dunes, the Ducati DesertX Rally is undeniably the ultimate companion for conquering the thrilling world of off-road riding.

With its unparalleled performance and reliability, this motorcycle guarantees an unforgettable adventure every time you hop on and hit the trails. So gear up, discover new horizons, and let the Ducati DesertX Rally take you on a journey like no other.

Handling and Suspension of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

This is where the DesertX Rally really sets itself apart from the standard DesertX. Ducati could have chosen the easy route and simply given the bike a cosmetic makeover to enhance its off-road appeal. After all, even the standard DesertX is more than capable of tackling trails. However, instead of taking the easy way out, Ducati has completely overhauled the suspension system.

Starting with the front, the KYB forks on the DesertX Rally are slightly larger than those on the standard bike. They have a diameter of 48mm, compared to the 46mm forks on the standard model. These forks also feature motocross-style closed-cartridge internals, which means that the oil inside them is pressurized to prevent cavitation. This ensures consistent damping performance even when the bike is subjected to vigorous shaking. In addition to their larger size, the forks on the DesertX Rally are also longer, with travel increased from 230mm to 250mm. The sliders are coated with DLC (diamond-like carbon) and the fork tubes are treated with a hard anodized Kashima coating. The front springs have been redesigned to reduce front-end stiffness from 6N/mm to 5N/mm. The forks are attached to new billet aluminum top and bottom yokes, increasing the offset by 1mm.

The rear suspension on the DesertX Rally has also undergone significant changes. It now features a new 46mm rear shock, also from KYB, and a redesigned swingarm with a revised attachment point. The rear shock offers separate high- and low-speed compression damping adjustment, adjustable rebound, and remote adjustable preload. The rear spring is stiffer than the one on the standard DesertX, rated at 96N/mm instead of 90N/mm. Wheel travel has been increased by 20mm to 240mm.

All of these suspension changes contribute to an increased ride height. The ground clearance has been raised from 250mm to 280mm, and the seat height has been raised from 875mm to 910mm.

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While the wheel sizes remain the same as those on the standard DesertX – 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear – there is a slight modification to the back wheel. It is now half an inch narrower at 4 inches, which improves off-road grip. The wheels themselves feature hubs machined from solid aluminum, carbon steel spokes, and Excel rims. The DesertX Rally comes standard with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires, just like the standard model. However, there are options available for more off-road-oriented Scorpion Rally rubber or street-biased Scorpion Trail II rubber.

Despite the added weight of the longer-travel suspension components, the DesertX Rally manages to keep its overall weight just 1kg heavier than the standard DesertX. It weighs in at 203kg dry and 224kg wet. The brakes remain unchanged from the standard DesertX, with Brembo M50 Monobloc calipers at the front gripping dual 320mm discs, and a Brembo two-pot caliper paired with a 265mm disc at the rear. The bike also features cornering ABS controlled by a Bosch IMU.

Cutting-Edge Technology of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

Ducati has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, and the DesertX Rally 2024 is no exception. The bike is equipped with a comprehensive suite of advanced features that enhance both performance and safety. The digital instrument cluster provides riders with crucial information such as speed, fuel level, and gear position at a glance. The integrated GPS navigation system ensures you never lose your way on even the most remote trails. Additionally, the bike comes with an array of rider aids, including traction control, ABS, and multiple riding modes, allowing riders to customize their experience according to their preferences.

Additional equipment on the DesertX Rally includes a sump guard made of forged carbon fiber, which is bolted to aluminum brackets that extend from the trellis frame. The bike’s bodywork is pre-colored rather than painted, and it features PVC stickers for the graphics, so scratches should not significantly affect its appearance. The high-mounted front mudguard not only alters the bike’s appearance compared to the standard DesertX, but also prevents mud from clogging it. Another distinguishing feature of the Rally is the adjustable Öhlins steering damper, which is mounted on brackets machined from solid alloy.

While the DesertX Rally comes standard with the same exhaust as the DesertX, there are also two optional Termignoni pipes available: a street-legal version and a race version used on Antoine Meo’s Erzbergrodeo bike. The race version increases power and torque by 7%, resulting in peaks of around 118hp and 73lb-ft. The dash remains the same as the standard DesertX, featuring a portrait-oriented, 5-inch TFT display with two visual modes: Standard and Rally, designed for different uses. As usual, there is smartphone connectivity for controlling music, calls, and turn-by-turn navigation. For more extensive navigation needs, a “Utility Bar” is available for mounting a standalone satnav.

Comfort and Ergonomics of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

Long off-road rides can be physically demanding, which is why the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 prioritizes rider comfort and ergonomics. The bike features a spacious and well-padded seat that absorbs vibrations and minimizes fatigue during extended rides. The handlebars are positioned for optimal control and leverage, reducing strain on the rider’s wrists and shoulders. Furthermore, the rally-inspired footpegs provide excellent grip and stability even in challenging conditions. With its thoughtful ergonomic design, the Ducati DesertX Rally ensures that riders can focus on enjoying the adventure without compromising on comfort.

The DesertX Rally has a seat height of 910mm, which puts it in line with some of the most extreme adventure bikes on the market. For instance, it is comparable to the BMW R1250GS Adventure with its seat in the highest position, or the Extreme Edition of Yamaha’s Ténéré 700. So if you have shorter legs, this might not be the right bike for you. The seat itself is exclusive to the DesertX Rally and has a design similar to the optional Rally seat available for the DesertX. However, it also has a textured coating that is meant to enhance grip.

In addition to the seat, there are other changes from the standard DesertX model. The gear shifter and brake pedal, for example, are both made from solid alloy and can be adjusted to suit off-road or on-road use. Ducati has not yet announced the homologated fuel efficiency figures for the DesertX Rally. However, since it has the same engine settings and gearing as the standard DesertX, it is expected to offer similar economy. The standard DesertX has a fuel consumption of 50.4mpg, and with its large 21-litre tank, it can cover a range of approximately 230 miles before needing to refuel. As an optional extra, an additional 8-litre tank can be fitted on the tail, granting an additional 90 or so miles of range.

Customization Options of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

Every rider has their own distinct set of preferences and desires when it comes to personalizing their beloved motorcycles. With the remarkable Ducati DesertX Rally 2024, riders are bestowed with an extensive array of customization options that are tailored to meet their individual tastes and requirements. From the inclusion of aftermarket exhaust systems that enhance the auditory experience to the availability of personalized graphics kits that effortlessly transform their bikes into unique masterpieces, the possibilities are truly endless.

Moreover, Ducati thoughtfully offers an expansive catalog of official accessories that have been meticulously designed exclusively for the DesertX Rally. These accessories not only serve to enhance the performance and protection of the motorcycles, but they also allow riders to further embellish their bikes with an added touch of style and finesse, all in accordance with their own personal preferences and inclinations.

Joining the Ducati DesertX Rally of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

Now that you have gained a comprehensive understanding of the thrilling and adrenaline-pumping realm of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024, you may find yourself contemplating how you can actively engage in and contribute to this extraordinary and awe-inspiring adventure. In order to become an integral part of this remarkable escapade, it is imperative that individuals who wish to participate in the rally meticulously complete the necessary registration process. This can be accomplished through either the official Ducati website or by visiting one of the authorized dealerships that are entrusted with the responsibility of facilitating this momentous event.

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of all participants, it is of utmost importance that potential riders fulfill certain predetermined criteria pertaining to their level of experience and the equipment they possess. These prerequisites serve as vital guidelines and precautions, guaranteeing that only those who possess the requisite skills and appropriate gear are able to partake in this exhilarating endeavor. By adhering to these standards and confirming their eligibility, registered participants are accorded a plethora of exclusive benefits that undoubtedly enhance their overall rally experience.

One such advantage is the privilege of receiving professional guidance from experienced experts who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the realm of off-road motorcycling. These seasoned professionals ensure that riders are provided with invaluable advice and strategies that are specifically tailored to optimize their performance and enjoyment throughout the entirety of the rally. Additionally, registered participants are granted access to exceptional technical support, which proves to be an invaluable asset in the face of any unforeseen challenges or mechanical difficulties that may arise during the course of the event. This unrivaled assistance serves as a constant reassurance, instilling a sense of confidence and tranquility within riders as they navigate through the rugged terrains and unpredictable landscapes that characterize off-road motorcycling.

Furthermore, by becoming a registered participant in the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024, individuals are welcomed into a vibrant and dynamic community comprised of like-minded enthusiasts who share an unyielding passion for the exhilarating world of off-road motorcycling. This community serves as an invaluable resource, providing a platform for interaction, exchange of ideas, and the forging of lasting friendships. Within this close-knit network, participants are able to connect with individuals who possess a deep appreciation for the thrill and excitement that is synonymous with off-road motorcycling. The camaraderie and collective spirit that permeate this community foster an environment that is conducive to personal growth, encouragement, and support, ensuring that every registered participant feels an overwhelming sense of belonging and solidarity.

Venturing into the captivating realm of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 necessitates adherence to the prescribed registration process. By fulfilling the necessary prerequisites and becoming a registered participant, individuals gain exclusive access to an array of benefits that significantly augment their overall rally experience. From professional guidance and technical support to being immersed in a vibrant community of passionate enthusiasts, participating in this thrilling adventure ensures not only an unforgettable journey but also an opportunity for personal growth and meaningful connections.

Price of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

What is the price of the 2024 Ducati DesertX Rally? £18,995 – with deliveries not scheduled until February 2024. This places it at the higher end of the market for sub-1000cc adventure bikes, although it is lower in cost compared to some highly capable off-road competitors like KTM’s 890 Adventure R. However, the Ducati’s top-quality components, and the presence of the Ducati brand, come with a justifiable premium. Few adventure bikes from any manufacturer capture the Dakar spirit quite like the DesertX, and the even more rugged style of the DesertX Rally further enhances its appeal.

Technical Specification of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

New price From £18,995
Capacity 937cc
Bore x Stroke 94 x 67.5mm
Engine layout 90-degree V-twin
Engine details Desmodromic valvetrain, 4 valves per cylinder, liquid cooled
Power 110bhp (81kW) @ 9,250rpm
Torque 68lb-ft (81Nm) @ 6,500rpm
Transmission 6 speed, chain final drive, quickshifter
Average fuel consumption TBA
Tank size 21 litres
Max range to empty TBA
Rider aids Six customisable riding modes, four power modes, three power levels, three-level cornering ABS, four-level wheelie control, eight level traction control
Frame Tubular steel trellis
Front suspension KYB 48 mm closed cartridge fork, 250 mm travel, Kashima coating treatments on the fork tubes and DLC on the sliders
Front suspension adjustment Adjustable compression and rebound
Rear suspension KYB shock absorber with 46 mm piston, 240 mm travel
Rear suspension adjustment Adjustable in compression at high and low speeds, in rebound and preload
Front brake 320mm discs, four-piston Brembo M50 monobloc radial calipers
Rear brake 265mm disc, two-piston Brembo caliper
Front wheel / tyre Spoked with billet hub, 21” x 2.15”, carbon steel spokes and high-strength Takasago Excel rims with inner tube. Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, 90/90-21
Rear wheel / tyre Spoked with billet hub 18” x 4”, carbon steel spokes and high-strength Takasago Excel rims with inner tube. Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR, 150/70 R18
Dimensions (LxWxH) TBA
Wheelbase TBA
Seat height 910mm
Weight 203kg (dry)
Warranty 2 years/unlimited miles
Servicing 9000 miles/24 months
MCIA Secured Rating Not yet rated

Verdict of the Ducati DesertX Rally 2024

The Ducati DesertX Rally 2024 is not just any ordinary motorcycle event; it goes beyond that and offers an extraordinary opportunity to embark on an absolutely unforgettable off-road adventure. With its jaw-droppingly stunning design that catches the eye of every onlooker, the Ducati DesertX Rally is a true masterpiece that seamlessly combines aesthetic appeal with unbeatable performance. Its sheer power and unwavering performance capabilities make it stand head and shoulders above the rest, pushing the boundaries of what off-road motorcycling can achieve.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology that enhances every aspect of the riding experience, the Ducati DesertX Rally is a true testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence. Its unrivaled off-road capability allows riders to confidently navigate through even the most challenging terrains, ensuring that no obstacle stands in their way. Regardless of your level of experience, whether you are a seasoned rider yearning for new challenges or a beginner craving the exhilaration of off-road riding, the Ducati DesertX Rally serves as the ultimate gateway to a heart-pounding journey like no other. It beckons you to gear up, rev your engines, and prepare yourself for an adrenaline-fueled conquest of the desert.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace this extraordinary opportunity and let the Ducati DesertX Rally transport you to a whole new world of off-road excitement and adventure. The desert awaits, ready to be conquered by those brave enough to embrace its challenges.

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