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Ducati’s Auctioning Off This Custom Scrambler for Charity 2023

“Motorcycles are art” Custom Scrambler is a phrase we hear tossed around on the regular in our little corner of the moto world, but let’s be honest, not every machine can be lumped into that rarified (and extremely subjective) category. But what if the bike itself was the canvas for the actual creative work? That’s the idea behind Ducati’s latest project, wherein the Italians have recruited a top-level visual artist to apply their unique work onto one of the brand’s Scrambler models, for a one-of-a-kind, hand-painted work of art that would be auctioned off for charity.

More to the point, Ducati North America has partnered with acclaimed artist Mickalene Thomas to customize this singular 2024 Ducati Scrambler Icon for the upcoming Heritage Auctions, an event that holds forth on May 23. Proceeds from the Scrambler’s sale will benefit the RxART children’s charity as part of a Ducati partnership with men’s skin care brand Atwater.

RxART itself was established in 2000 to help promote contemporary art into children’s hospital settings and offer a more uplifting healing environment. RxART taps established contemporary artists so that they can help transform sterile medical settings into more engaging places full of beauty and comfort. Meanwhile, Ducati’s partnership with Atwater to benefit RxART began earlier this year, and the commission with Thomas—an acclaimed artist of her generation—is meant to help fund RxART’s installation at the newly opened SUNY Nappi Wellness Institute in Syracuse, New York. RxART has completed 58 projects with 91 artists in 38 hospitals across the US since its launch.

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The Brooklyn-based Thomas, meanwhile, who’s not just an influential artist but also a Tony Award–winning co-producer, curator, and mentor, is known for her innovative, instantly recognizable works, which include elaborate mixed-media paintings, photographs, films, and installations. Thomas’ distinctive aesthetic skills make her, according to Ducati, “an ideal partner for the transformation of a Scrambler Ducati into a work of art.” With Thomas’ expertise in material and image creation, the donor Scrambler Ducati Icon gets a host of bold color, style, and graphic treatments along its surfaces that feel like the right match for the playful series.

As for the bike itself, the Scrambler Icon received a host of updates for the 2023 model year, so there’s nothing new under the hood for 2024. (In fact, we’re not sure why Ducati is saying this is a 2024 model when the 2023s are only hitting dealers now.) A quick recap: The three 800cc Scramblers for 2023, the Icon, the Full Throttle and the Nightshift, were all upgraded with ride-by-wire fuel injection, two ride modes, and traction control to manage the claimed 73 hp output, with a new slipper clutch added to tame the 48 lb.-ft. of torque.

The 2023 800cc Scramblers also got a new, more tapered seat and a lighter frame, though it’s still a trellis design. The skeleton boasts a new swingarm and the rear subframe is now removable, and the Icon model in particular also got six new accessory kits with swappable tank covers.

Motorcycles have long been accepted in the art world as aesthetic expressions in their own right, often serving as canvases for a greater theme, and to Ducati’s credit, the new partnership with a contemporary visual is a good fit for the Scrambler brand’s vibe.

Per Ducati, “the next-gen Scrambler Ducati will be arriving in North American Ducati dealerships in summer 2023″ (to be clear, the 2023 models were positioned as the next generation of the series at the time of their release last year).

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Ducati’s Selling Off This Custom Scrambler for Charity
Ducati, the eminent Italian bike producer, has declared an energizing activity that combines their enthusiasm for bikes with a respectable cause. In a momentous act of liberality, Ducati is selling off a one-of-a-kind custom scrambler to raise reserves for charity. This interesting collaboration between Ducati and magnanimity guarantees to form a noteworthy affect on the lives of those in require.

The Custom Scrambler: A Magnum opus on Wheels

The centerpiece of this charitable endeavor may be a fastidiously created Custom Scrambler, planned and built by Ducati’s group of talented artisans. The cruiser brags a idealize mix of fashion, execution, and advancement, displaying Ducati’s commitment to brilliance.

Highlighting a striking design with smooth lines and strong colors, this custom scrambler may be a genuine work of craftsmanship. Each component has been carefully considered, from the handcrafted leather situate to the custom debilitate framework that conveys a effective however refined sound. The consideration to detail is obvious in each perspective of the bike, making it a exceedingly alluring piece for cruiser devotees and collectors alike.

The Sell off: A Chance to Possess a Dream Machine

Ducati’s choice to sell off off this custom scrambler gives an mind blowing opportunity for cruiser devotees to possess a really interesting and pined for machine. The sell off will be held both online and in-person, permitting bidders from around the world to take an interest in this energizing occasion.

Offering on the custom scrambler isn’t as it were a chance to procure a momentous bike but moreover an opportunity to contribute to a commendable cause. All continues from the sell off will be given to a carefully selected charity, guaranteeing that the affect of this activity comes to distant past the cruiser itself.

Supporting Charitable Causes: Ducati’s Commitment to Giving Back

Ducati has continuously been committed to making a positive distinction within the world. Through their various philanthropic endeavors, they have reliably illustrated their commitment to giving back to society. This sell off speaks to another step in that course, leveraging their impact and assets to bolster those in require.

By channeling the energy and excitement encompassing the custom scrambler into a charitable cause, Ducati trusts to motivate others to grasp the soul of giving. They immovably accept that the bliss of owning a one of a kind bike can be amplified when it is went with by the information that the buy is making a important affect on the lives of others.

Making Enduring Alter: The Control of Bike Magnanimity

Bike magnanimity has risen as a capable apparatus to raise mindfulness and stores for charitable causes. It saddles the passion and dedication of bike devotees, leveraging their shared adore for bikes to drive positive alter.

Ducati’s choice to sell off off this custom scrambler represents the potential of cruiser philanthropy. It serves as a update that indeed the foremost liberal and invigorating interests can be saddled for the more noteworthy great. By locks in the cruiser community in such activities, companies like Ducati can mobilize their fan base and make a swell impact of generosity and compassion.

Joining together Passion and Reason: Long Run of Charitable Endeavors

The collaboration between Custom Scrambler and charity embodies a developing drift where companies look for to adjust their commerce goals with the next reason. By leveraging their brand and assets, organizations can make a enduring affect on society whereas moreover improving their notoriety and cultivating client devotion.

Within the case of Ducati’s sell off, the company not as it were exhibits its designing ability and plan ability but moreover highlights its commitment to social obligation. By selling off the custom scrambler, Ducati embodies how businesses can make a unmistakable distinction in people’s lives, demonstrating that enthusiasm and reason can go hand in hand.


Ducati’s choice to auction off a custom scrambler for charity could be a commendable and rousing act. It illustrates the company’s devotion to making a positive impact on society and exhibits the power of joining together energy and philanthropy.

The custom scrambler itself may be a showstopper, a genuine reflection of Ducati’s craftsmanship and consideration to detail. From the minute one lays eyes on this motorcycle, it’s clear that it is something extraordinary. The plan, with its one of a kind highlights and personalized touches, sets it separated from any other bike on the advertise.

The online and in-person auction gives an comprehensive stage for bike devotees from all corners of the world to take an interest in this surprising occasion. It permits energetic riders and collectors to not as it were possess a chunk of Ducati’s bequest but moreover contribute to a charitable cause. The reserves raised from the sell off will without a doubt make a noteworthy distinction within the lives of those in require.

Ducati’s commitment to giving back is genuinely honorable. This sell off is fair one illustration of the company’s continuous endeavors to bolster charitable causes. By leveraging their brand and resources, they are able to form openings for positive alter and inspire others to take after suit.

Cruiser charity, as exemplified by Ducati’s sell off, grandstands the potential of saddling shared passions for a more prominent reason. It illustrates that even in the domain of luxury and indulgence, there is room for kindness and liberality. Through activities like this, the bike community can come together, driven by their love for cruisers, to form enduring change and improve the lives of those less blessed.

Looking ahead, it is empowering to see more businesses joining magnanimity into their core values. By adjusting their targets with social responsibility, companies have the potential to form a significant affect on the world whereas also fostering client dependability and reverence.

In conclusion

Ducati’s sell off of the Custom Scrambler for charity is a momentous endeavor that consolidates the universes of bikes and magnanimity. It exhibits Ducati’s commitment to brilliance in both plan and social responsibility. This interesting activity not as it were permits bike devotees to possess a pined for machine but moreover gives an opportunity to contribute to a respectable cause. Ducati’s liberality and devotion serve as an motivation for other businesses to investigate imaginative ways to make a positive difference in the world.








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