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Unleashing the Power of Diavel 1260: A Motorcycle for the Bold

When it comes to motorcycles, the Ducati Diavel 1260 is not your average ride. This impressive machine is designed to cater to the needs of those who crave speed, performance, and power. With its muscular build and bold styling, the Diavel 1260 is a true head-turner that exudes a sense of adventure and excitement.

The Beastly Engine

At the heart of the Diavel 1260 lies a powerful Testastretta DVT 1262 engine that delivers a staggering 159 horsepower and 95 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with a six-speed transmission that offers smooth and precise shifting, allowing the rider to fully control the beastly power of the machine.

The Aggressive Design

The Diavel 1260‘s design is a perfect blend of aggression and elegance. The muscular lines and sharp angles give it a mean and intimidating look, while the LED lighting adds a touch of modernity and sophistication. The exposed trellis frame, along with the single-sided swingarm, adds to the bike’s sporty and aggressive feel.

Comfort and Convenience

While the Diavel 1260 is built for speed and power, it doesn’t compromise on comfort and convenience. The ergonomically designed seat provides excellent support and comfort for the rider, while the handlebars and footpegs are positioned to ensure a natural riding posture. The bike also features a host of advanced electronics, including cornering ABS, traction control, and multiple riding modes, making it easy to adjust to different road conditions and riding styles.

Riding Experience

The Diavel 1260‘s riding experience is nothing short of exhilarating. The bike’s powerful engine and precise handling give the rider a sense of control and confidence, while the comfortable seat and well-positioned footpegs make long rides enjoyable. The bike’s advanced electronics, including the quick shifter and cruise control, add to the riding experience, making it easy to maneuver through different terrains and road conditions.

Maintenance and Durability

Maintaining the Diavel 1260 is relatively easy, thanks to its high-quality components and advanced engineering. The bike’s engine is designed to be durable and reliable, ensuring that it can handle the rigors of frequent use. Routine maintenance, including oil changes and tire rotations, is relatively straightforward and can be done by most experienced riders.


Testastretta DVT 1262

Thanks to Variable Valve Timing (DVT) technology, the engine delivers a very linear and sizable torque curve at low revs, with performance well-suited for racing at higher revs.

The Testastretta DVT 1262 engine has a typical diameter and piston stroke of 106 x 71.5 mm and a compression ratio of 13.0 : 1, delivering a maximum capacity of 159 hp at 9,500 rpm* and torque. maximum torque of 129 Nm at 7,500 rpm.

Fuel is provided by Bosch electronic injection on a 56 mm diameter elliptical throttle, managed by a comprehensive Ride-by-Wire system. Furthermore, the Diavel 1260 engine stands out for its extremely precise design;

Thanks to the water pump located in the V-cylinder, the pipes of the cooling system are no longer located on the left side. The Testastretta DVT 1262 is equipped with a Dual Spark (DS) dual spark ignition system, i.e. two spark plugs per cylinder head, harnessing a secondary air system that sends cool air into the exhaust to complete the process.

Oxidizes unburnt hydrocarbons and reduces the concentration of polluting gases (e.g. HC and CO) without affecting performance. Routine maintenance is expected to be every 15,000 km (or 12 months), while the valve should be checked every 30,000 km.

Features Ducati QuickShift (DQS)

This system works both when shifting gears – accelerating at full throttle – and when shifting gears – making the deceleration process smoother thanks to a “blipper” assist device that regulates engine rotation with the rotation speed of the primary shaft. gearbox to prevent gear jams, all supported by a clutch with a shock absorber system. DQS is also an available accessory for Diavel 1260.

Variable Valve Technology (DVT)

The Ducati Testrastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing) engine varies both in the timing of the intake valve control camshaft and the exhaust valve control camshaft independently, optimizing performance at high speeds for maximum power. while improving operating smoothness and increasing torque at low and medium speeds. That means you have an engine that changes its characteristics by continuously varying the number of revs while still meeting Euro 4 emissions requirements, while paying attention to fuel consumption.

Exhaust system

The exhaust of the new Diavel 1260 series is a 2-in-1 dual exhaust. The exhaust pipes are designed to expose the engine and the body is placed in front of the rear wheel to avoid being seen.

Attracting all eyes

Powerful, muscular, yet equally agile and efficient on tight turns, bringing maximum excitement to the rider, the new Diavel 1260 series combines the performance of a maxi-naked bike with the performance of a maxi-naked bike. Sitting posture of the muscular cruiser bike line. A new take on the Diavel style with a modern look, it perfectly combines the 159 hp Testastretta DVT 1262 engine.

With the 2020 version, the look of Diavel 1260 has been updated. The standard version is now available with a Total Black option: Dark Stealth with a matte black upper body, combined with rims, frame and mechanical components also painted black with different coatings.

Besides, the S version comes in red – Ducati Red – with white trim interspersed with black parts, giving the Diavel 1260 a new sportiness without losing its distinctive style. this car model.

Style The Way Out to Barcelona | Diavel 1260

The Way Out continues its journey in Barcelona. Diavel 1260 is the perfect motorcycle for those who decide to break the rules, escape the familiar cycle of normal life to press the throttle to liberate both mind and body.

Contemporary style

Contemporary style

The strong lines and unique front end highlight the strong and dynamic personality of the new Diavel series, featuring a long rear body and 240 mm tire width at the rear. The color palette of the Diavel 1260 has been updated: the standard version is now available in Total Black, while the S version is available in Ducati Red with white trim. The sporty Diavel 1260 S offers freshness while maintaining its distinctive style.

Extremely strong

Extremely strong

The new Diavel series is based on the Testastretta DVT 1262 engine – a symbol of power, beauty and refinement. The 159hp output delivers amazing acceleration, and the torque curve is stable and consistent at low revs, making it smooth and easy to control. Ride by Wire (RbW) electronic throttle management technology integrated into 3 Driving Modes and 3 Engine Power Levels allows customizing engine response. With its superb design and mechanics, the line shines with both true beauty and racing power.

Ultimate comfort

The new Diavel is a convergence of sporty beauty and comfort. The Trellis frame ensures light weight and good torsional rigidity, while the shock absorbers are adjustable for a smooth and comfortable ride. The seating position of the series is meticulously researched, perfectly combined with the higher handlebar position, lower saddle and central footrest, so that the driver has a comfortable and flexible sitting position. The S version is equipped with an Öhlins fork system, ensuring an exciting and exhilarating ride.

Elegant and daring

The new Diavel line is a wonderful blend of luxury and fine details: carbon fiber components and a finely sewn premium saddle contribute to Diavel’s distinctive style. The power is reflected in every angle, especially in the Marchesini cast wheels and the Thrilling Black & Dark Stealth color version. The daytime running lights (DRL) included in the S version are an unmistakable hallmark of the new Diavel range.


The Ducati Diavel 1260 is a motorcycle that’s built for the bold. It’s a machine that demands attention and respect, with its powerful engine, aggressive design, and advanced electronics. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, the Diavel 1260 is sure to offer an unforgettable riding experience that will leave you craving for more.

So, if you’re looking for a motorcycle that’s built to perform and designed to impress, the Diavel 1260 should definitely be on your list. With its unbeatable combination of power, performance, and style, this is a ride that’s sure to make a lasting impression. So, what are you waiting for? Get on the Diavel 1260 and unleash the beast within!

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