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XDiavel: A Unique Blend of Cruiser and Sports Bike 2023

If you are in search of a motorcycle that offers the best of both worlds, look no further than the Ducati XDiavel. This powerful machine combines the styling and comfort of a cruiser with the agility and performance of a sports bike, delivering a unique riding experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Once again, the boys at Borgo Panigale Ducati captivated the world with the launch of a special edition XDiavel Nera, which is a combination of power and overwhelming luxury from the “handshake” with the manufacturer. famous interior designer Poltrona Frau’s Interiors.

The car is limited to an exclusive production of only 500 units worldwide. XDiavel Nera’s outstanding appearance is boldly “dark knight” with ‘Black on Black’ style, luxurious black body with accents of color optional leather saddle made from high quality materials. Unique Pelle Frau®.

The Design

At first glance, the XDiavel is unmistakably a Ducati. The iconic trellis frame, aggressive lines, and muscular stance are all hallmarks of the brand. However, upon closer inspection, you will notice that the XDiavel has a slightly different silhouette than other Ducati models. The long, low, and wide design is intended to provide a more relaxed riding position, while the forward-mounted footpegs and wide handlebars offer a comfortable and commanding stance.

The Power

But don’t be fooled by the XDiavel’s cruiser styling – this is a machine that packs a serious punch. Powered by a 1,262cc Testastretta DVT engine, the XDiavel is capable of producing a staggering 156 horsepower and 95 lb-ft of torque. This is more than enough power to launch the bike from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds, making it one of the fastest cruisers on the market today.

The Technology

Of course, no modern motorcycle would be complete without a suite of advanced technology features, and the XDiavel certainly doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The bike comes equipped with a full-color TFT display, which provides all the essential information you need while riding. This display can be customized to show different data sets, including speed, RPM, gear position, fuel level, and more.

The XDiavel also features a suite of advanced safety features, including Bosch Cornering ABS, traction control, and multiple riding modes. These modes allow you to tailor the bike’s performance to your specific needs, whether you are cruising down the highway, carving up a winding road, or exploring off the beaten path.

Limited edition

Special edition XDiavel Nera will be produced in a limited number of only 500 pieces globally. Each car will be individually numbered on the car’s trellis frame to create uniqueness for the owner.

Custom Designed And Completely Handmade Saddles

A special highlight helps the XDiavel Nera, despite its “All Black” style, still attract all eyes thanks to its outstanding saddle.The saddle models are all handcrafted, and are made from Pelle Frau®: soft natural leather is hand-made, the result of years of research by Poltrona Frau. Available in 5 unique color options from Siam Red, Steel Blue, Cemento Grey, India Orange and Selve Blue. Plus textures. The XDiavel “X” is laser engraved with the metal “XDIAVEL” badge on the saddle as the bike shows its uniqueness.

European Style, True Beauty

XDiavel Nera is the intersection of the beauty of two opposing worlds. A calm, quiet cruiser world and a Ducati world: powerful sport, outstanding performance. Despite its elegant appearance, XDiavel Nera is still a ‘monster’ with a huge engine block. The powerful Testastretta DVT 1262 engine block comes with the chassis, suspension, brake system and advanced technology equipment to ensure safety, comfort and driving feeling at the same time. High performance.

Unique Unmistakable Beauty

Each saddle is hand-forged in natural Pelle Frau® leather, a one-of-a-kind offering in five exclusive colors from Poltrona Frau’s palette. In addition, the saddle of XDiavel Nera is also designed for the back seat, the wider version brings comfort.

The Riding Experience

So, what is it like to ride the XDiavel? In a word, exhilarating. The bike’s low center of gravity and wide rear tire make it incredibly stable and easy to handle, even at high speeds. The engine produces a deep, throaty roar that is sure to turn heads wherever you go, and the bike’s aggressive styling is guaranteed to make a statement.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about the XDiavel is its versatility. Whether you are cruising down the highway, carving up a winding road, or exploring off the beaten path, this machine is capable of handling it all with ease. So, if you are looking for a motorcycle that offers the perfect blend of performance, comfort, and style, look no further than the Ducati XDiavel.

The Combination Of The Machine Of Strength And Adorable Luxury

The “heart” that makes the power of XDiavel Nera lies in Ducati’s huge Testastretta DVT 1262 engine block with a capacity of 160 horsepower at 9,500 rpm and 130 Nm of torque from 5,000 rpm.

Equipped with an upgraded DVT Desmodromic Variable Timing valve, a combination of the special Desmodromic valve opening and closing mechanism allows the car to react smoothly at the top and faster ranges while still ensuring breakthrough power in the high-speed areas. large tassel.

Regarding the structure of the car, the low saddle height and the position of the footrest are placed further at the rear to bring comfort when moving as well as make the “riding” journey more interesting. The tubular steel mesh frame, suspension and chassis design ensure agility and maneuverability.

The powerful braking system is adjustable and like the entire Ducati product line, the car is equipped with ABS anti-lock braking system when cornering. Newly updated electronics and technology upgrades elevate the driving experience, enhancing levels of performance and safety.

The chassis, low saddle height and the front position of the footpegs are all designed to provide incredible comfort and ease when riding comfortably at lower speeds, while also making work easier. Sport riding becomes as enjoyable as possible. The combination of tubular wire mesh frame, suspension and chassis design ensures agility and maneuverability. The powerful braking system is adjustable and, like the entire Ducati lineup, is equipped with cornering ABS. The electronics are extremely complete and allow you to dramatically increase your level of performance and safety.


In conclusion, the XDiavel is a truly unique machine that offers a one-of-a-kind riding experience. With its powerful engine, advanced technology features, and versatile riding capabilities, it is sure to impress even the most discerning riders. So, if you are in the market for a motorcycle that offers the best of both worlds, be sure to check out the Ducati XDiavel.

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