Yamaha R7 vs Honda CBR650R: A Detailed Comparison of Specs and Features

Yamaha R7 vs Honda CBR650R: A Detailed Comparison of Specs and Features


When it comes to the world of sport motorcycles, Yamaha and Honda are two of the most prominent names. In this blog post, we will compare two highly sought-after models from these manufacturers – the Yamaha R7 Vs Honda CBR650R.

Both bikes offer exhilarating performance and cutting-edge technology, but they also have their own unique features that set them apart. So, if you’re in the market for a powerful sport bike and can’t decide between the R7 and CBR650R, read on to find out which one suits your needs better.

After the Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 launched in Vietnam, the mid-range sportbike segment became more exciting. With a difference of 15 million VND at the proposed price, should you choose Yamaha R7 2022 or Honda CBR650R?

Midsize sportbike in Vietnam is a rather gloomy segment, in contrast to the group under 400 cc and over 1,000 cc. Before 2022, this group only had 2 notable representatives, Honda CBR650R and Kawasaki Ninja 650. Last March, Yamaha’s first motorcycle showroom opened in Ho Chi Minh City and simultaneously launched the YZF sportbike model- R7.

The YZF-R7 is the most anticipated model in Yamaha’s more than 10 product portfolio. As a completely new model, R7 brings more options to customers in the price range of less than 300 million VND and creates a more attractive race for the segment. Yamaha R7 is expected to be an “equal” competitor to Honda CBR650R – the model that is storming in the segment.

Handling and Ride Quality:

When it comes to handling, both bikes excel in their own right. The Yamaha R7 features a lightweight aluminum frame and a fully adjustable suspension system, allowing for precise and agile maneuverability. Its sporty riding position and wide handlebars ensure excellent control, making it a joy to navigate through twisty roads or on the track.

Similarly, the Honda CBR650R offers a nimble and responsive ride, thanks to its compact chassis and sport-tuned suspension. It strikes a perfect balance between comfort and performance, making it suitable for both spirited rides and everyday commuting. The CBR650R also features a more upright riding position, which some riders may find more comfortable for longer journeys.

Technology and Features:

In terms of technology, both the Yamaha R7 and Honda CBR650R come equipped with a host of advanced features. The Yamaha R7 boasts a full-color TFT display, providing riders with all the necessary information at a glance. It also features LED lighting, a slipper clutch, and adjustable brake and clutch levers for added convenience.

The Honda CBR650R, on the other hand, comes with a digital LCD instrument cluster that offers clear visibility in all lighting conditions. It incorporates LED lighting, a slipper clutch, and an assist and slipper clutch, which reduces clutch lever effort and minimizes rear-wheel chatter during aggressive downshifts. Both bikes also offer optional accessories such as quick shifters and heated grips to further enhance the riding experience.

Design and Styling:

When it comes to design, both the Yamaha R7 and Honda CBR650R are visually striking machines that are sure to turn heads on the road. The Yamaha R7 features aggressive lines, sharp angles, and a sleek aerodynamic fairing that gives it a track-ready appearance. On the other hand, the Honda CBR650R boasts a more refined and sporty look, with a sculpted fuel tank, dual LED headlights, and an exposed frame design. Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preference, but both bikes are undeniably eye-catching.

The Yamaha R7 carries much of the R1’s DNA but still has its own character.

Thanks to inheriting DNA from R1 and R6, the Yamaha R7 has a sporty design. The body of the R7 does not have too many ribs to create large blocks. The cut lines are emphasized for a neat, uncluttered feeling.

Before R7 appeared, CBR650R was almost a unique model in the segment when it completely overwhelmed the Kawasaki Ninja 650. Inheriting the design from the previous generation CBR1000RR, the CBR650R was modified to fit a mid-range sportbike.

CBR650R has many cutting lines, forming many sinewy arrays. Because the lines are “zoomed in” than the CBR1000RR, the overall look of the CBR650R is somewhat discrete, difficult to fit together. The “defective” side wind cover leaves an array to reveal the engine, which also makes the overall car design a connection.

The equipment is quite similar

The standard equipment of the R7 and CBR650R are quite similar, there is no big difference. However, each company makes its car more prominent with small details.


Motorcycle models over 50 million have been equipped with LED lights, so by default, both R7 and CBR650R have full-LED lights. However, the light cluster on the R7 is more impressive by its unique design. The light on the R7 is quite simple when it is just a projector placed in the air cavity in front of the car. The daylight lights are two slender LED strips that also help the R7’s head look neater than the competition. In return, the dual lamp style on the CBR650R gives a more fierce look.

Shock Absorbers

The suspension system of both cars has no structural difference with the upside-down type at the front and the monoshock at the rear. The front shock absorber on CBR650R is somewhat more prominent when using Showa SFF-BP type painted in yellow while R7’s type is KYB brand painted in black.

Honda CBR650R has a pitiful, muscular appearance.

However, it is just a bit “out of tune” of the CBR650R when in general, this is still a good-looking car because of its rather neutral design – Honda’s familiar style. Running CBR650R, you will easily blend into the street car, but if you want to be different, choose R7.

Comfortable riding posture CBR650R
With Yamaha, a sports car is not only reflected in the design, but also the driving feeling and sitting posture is the first factor. R7 for the purest sport sitting posture in the segment, although still not as good as R1 or R6.


R7 design is more impressive than CBR650R
As a completely new model of Yamaha, R7 is favored by the Japanese automaker to apply a new design language. R7 is Yamaha’s first sportbike model equipped with a main light located in the air intake, accompanied by 2 LED positioning strips on both sides. In fact, the design of R7 is slightly changed from R1 and R6 when removing the dual light clusters hidden under the wind crank.

Yamaha R7

The Yamaha R7 boasts an aggressive and aerodynamic design that is sure to turn heads wherever you go. Its sleek profile is complemented by sharp lines and bold graphics, giving it a distinctively sporty appearance. The dual LED headlights add to its futuristic appeal, while the split seat design enhances comfort for both rider and passenger.

Honda CBR650R

On the other hand, the Honda CBR650R exudes a more refined yet equally striking look. Its sharp lines flow seamlessly from front to back, giving it a sense of speed even when stationary. The LED lighting system provides excellent visibility while adding a touch of modernity. With its slightly elevated pillion seat, this bike ensures maximum comfort for both solo rides and two-up adventures.

Engine Performanc

It is a completely new model, but the engine on the Yamaha R7 is not new. Powering the R7 is the CP2 engine, 689 cc capacity shared from the MT-07. This engine produces 72.4 horsepower at 8,750 rpm and 67 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm.

Meanwhile, Honda CBR650R uses a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 649 cc, producing 93.8 horsepower at 12,000 rpm and 63 Nm of torque at 9,500 rpm. As can be seen, the 4-cylinder engine helps CBR650R “healthier” than R7 to more than 20 horsepower. However, the R7 has better traction, which improves acceleration.

The 4-cylinder engine is one of the advantages that helps CBR650R compete in the market. This engine sounds better and more powerful than engines with fewer cylinders. In return, the maintenance cost for the car is also higher.

Yamaha R7

Underneath its fairings, the Yamaha R7 houses a potent 689cc inline-four engine that delivers impressive power throughout the rev range. With an output of 73 horsepower and 50 lb-ft of torque, this bike offers exhilarating acceleration that is perfect for both street riding and track days.

Honda CBR650R

The Honda CBR650R, on the other hand, is equipped with a 649cc inline-four engine that delivers a more balanced performance. With an output of 94 horsepower and 47 lb-ft of torque, it offers smooth power delivery and strong mid-range performance. This makes it an excellent choice for riders who want a sport bike that excels in both daily commuting and spirited riding.

Suspension system

Yamaha R7: 41mm KYB front fork and rear monoshock.
Honda CBR650R: Showa BP-SFF 41mm front fork and rear monoshock.


Yamaha R7

In terms of technology, the Yamaha R7 comes equipped with some advanced features to enhance the riding experience. It features a full-color TFT display that provides all the necessary information at a glance, including speed, gear position, fuel level, and more. Additionally, it offers multiple riding modes to suit different preferences and conditions.

Honda CBR650R

The Honda CBR650R also offers its fair share of technological advancements. It boasts a crisp LCD instrument panel that displays essential information clearly. Furthermore, it comes with selectable riding modes that allow riders to tailor the bike’s performance according to their liking or specific road conditions.

Handling and Suspension

Yamaha R7

The Yamaha R7 is built on a lightweight aluminum frame that ensures exceptional rigidity while keeping the overall weight down. This design not only aids in nimble handling but also enhances stability at high speeds. The suspension setup consists of fully adjustable KYB inverted forks at the front and an adjustable KYB mono-shock at the rear, allowing riders to fine-tune their ride for optimal comfort and control.

Honda CBR650R

Similarly, the Honda CBR650R features a steel diamond frame that provides excellent stability and handling characteristics. It is equipped with Showa Separate Function Big Piston (SFF-BP) forks at the front and a Showa mono-shock at the rear. While not as customizable as the R7’s suspension setup, these components offer a balanced blend of comfort and performance.


Both R7 and CBR650R are equipped with dual brakes at the front, with 2-channel ABS technology. It is worth noting that the R7 is equipped with branded Brembo brake shackles. Few models in the mid-range motorcycle segment own this equipment, most use the Nissin brand. Even the senior model R1 has not been “favored” like the R7.

Yamaha R7

The Yamaha R7 comes fitted with high-performance braking components to ensure precise stopping power. It features dual 298mm front discs with Brembo calipers, offering excellent bite and feel. At the rear, it has a single 245mm disc, providing ample stopping power while maintaining stability during aggressive braking maneuvers.

Honda CBR650R

On the other hand, the Honda CBR650R is equipped with dual 310mm front discs and dual-piston calipers for strong braking performance. The rear brake consists of a single 240mm disc. While not as sport-oriented as the R7’s setup, the CBR650R’s brakes offer ample stopping power for everyday use.

Price and Value

Yamaha R7

With its higher-end specifications, the Yamaha R7 comes at a slightly higher price point compared to the Honda CBR650R. However, it offers excellent value for riders who crave top-tier performance and cutting-edge technology in a sport bike.

Honda CBR650R

While priced more affordably than the R7, the Honda CBR650R still delivers an impressive package that appeals to a wide range of riders. With its balanced performance and versatility, it offers great value for those seeking a reliable and exciting sport motorcycle without breaking their budget.

Pricing and Value for Money between Yamaha R7 Vs Honda CBR650R.

When it comes to pricing, there is a significant difference between the Yamaha R7 and Honda CBR650R. The Yamaha R7 is positioned as a more premium offering and comes with a higher price tag. However, it also offers a more powerful engine, advanced electronics, and a more aggressive design, making it a compelling choice for riders seeking top-tier performance.

The Honda CBR650R, on the other hand, provides excellent value for money, offering a well-rounded package at a more affordable price point. It may not have the same level of performance as the Yamaha R7, but it still delivers an exhilarating ride and comes with a reputable brand name known for reliability and longevity.


After carefully considering their design elements, engine performance, technology features, handling characteristics, brakes, and pricing aspects – it becomes evident that both the Yamaha R7 and Honda CBR650R are exceptional motorcycles in their own right. Choosing between them ultimately depends on your specific preferences and requirements as a rider.

If you prioritize maximum power and track-focused capabilities, the Yamaha R7 might be your ideal choice. On the other hand, if you seek an all-around performer that excels in both daily commuting and spirited riding, the Honda CBR650R could be the perfect match for you. Whichever option you choose, rest assured that both bikes will provide endless thrills and a truly exhilarating riding experience.

Currently, Yamaha is distributing R7 for VND 269 million, slightly more than VND 254.5 million of CBR650R. More expensive than CBR650R, but R7 does not make a difference commensurate with the opponent, even losing in the engine. However, the Yamaha R7 was born not for the masses, directed towards the group of customers who need a “pure” sportbike model, instead of a sport-city model like the CBR650R.


In conclusion, both the Yamaha R7 and Honda CBR650R are exceptional motorcycles that offer a thrilling riding experience, advanced features, and stunning designs. The Yamaha R7 excels in terms of performance and aggressive styling, making it a great choice for riders who crave top-tier performance and track-ready capabilities. On the other hand, the Honda CBR650R provides excellent value for money, with a well-rounded package that delivers a balanced blend of performance, comfort, and reliability. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on individual preferences and priorities. Whichever bike you choose, both the Yamaha R7 and Honda CBR650R are sure to provide countless memorable rides on the open road.





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