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2024 Kawasaki Eliminator Review: Unleashing Power and Style

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator has taken the motorcycle market by storm with its stunning design, exceptional performance, and cutting-edge features. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the various aspects of this powerful machine and explore why it has become a top choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Design and Aesthetics of 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

2024 Kawasaki Eliminator Review: Unleashing Power and Style
2024 Kawasaki Eliminator Review: Unleashing Power and Style

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator boasts a sleek and modern design that effortlessly combines elements of classic cruisers and contemporary styling. With its low-slung profile, wide handlebars, and aggressive stance, the Eliminator exudes an aura of power and dominance on the road. The well-crafted bodywork, including the sculpted fuel tank and streamlined fenders, adds to its overall appeal. Available in a range of striking color options, the Eliminator allows riders to express their individuality while turning heads wherever they go.

The name ‘Eliminator’ hasn’t been seen on a Kawasaki motorcycle in the UK for several years. However, it is closely associated with a type of Japanese cruiser that enjoyed a brief period of popularity in the 80s and 90s before fading away. In 2024, Kawasaki is bringing back the Eliminator with a new model powered by a 451cc parallel-twin engine. This new machine, simply called Eliminator, poses a potential threat to Honda’s CMX 500 Rebel.

Engine and Performance of 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

At the heart of the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator lies a robust engine that delivers impressive performance on both city streets and open highways. Powered by a liquid-cooled 649cc parallel-twin engine, this motorcycle generates an exhilarating amount of power and torque. The engine’s refined fuel injection system ensures smooth acceleration and responsive throttle control, providing riders with an unforgettable riding experience. Whether you’re cruising at moderate speeds or pushing the limits on the highway, the Eliminator’s engine is more than capable of handling any challenge.

While the official power figure for the UK version of the Eliminator has yet to be announced, it is highly likely to be 48hp. The visually identical Eliminator 400, which was launched earlier this year in Japan, produces exactly that amount of power from its 398cc engine. The European and US market versions of the Eliminator feature a 451cc version of the same engine. As the Eliminator is designed specifically for the A2 class, it cannot exceed this power limit.

The engine used in the Eliminator is a revised version of the well-known DOHC parallel twin found in Kawasaki’s Ninja 400 and Z400 models. In this case, it has been increased by an additional 53cc to enhance torque and bring it within 20cc of the 471cc Honda Rebel. Despite the slight capacity advantage, the Honda Rebel actually produces slightly less power at 45.6hp.

The Eliminator’s torque figure is 31.7lb-ft (43Nm), an improvement over the 27.3lb-ft (37Nm) offered by the 398cc Japanese version, which is in line with the increased capacity.

Power from Kawasaki’s parallel twin engine is transmitted through an assist-and-slipper clutch to a six-speed transmission, ultimately driving the rear wheel via a chain final drive.

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Handling and Riding Comfort of 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

The Eliminator excels in providing a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Its lightweight chassis, combined with a well-tuned suspension system, ensures excellent stability and handling in various road conditions. The ergonomically designed seat offers ample support and comfort, allowing riders to embark on long journeys without fatigue. The wide handlebars provide precise control, while the optimized footpeg position allows for a relaxed riding posture. With its superior maneuverability and comfortable ride, the Eliminator is an ideal choice for both new riders and experienced enthusiasts.

While there is no official fuel economy figure available for the Eliminator yet, the Japanese version boasts an impressive mileage of nearly 90mpg, which indicates good fuel efficiency. This translates to a range of over 200 miles from its 12-liter fuel tank.

As expected from a small cruiser, the Eliminator is well-suited for riders with shorter inseams. It has a seat height of just 735mm, which is 45mm higher than the equivalent Rebel. However, Kawasaki incorporates an ‘Ergo-Fit’ system that allows for seat height, handlebars, and footpegs to be adjusted or replaced to accommodate different riders. There are two alternative seats available, with the lowest option providing a height of 715mm and the tallest raising it to 765mm.

Both the Japanese Eliminator 400 and the US market Eliminator 450, which is essentially identical to the UK model, are also offered in an ‘SE’ variant. The SE version includes additional features such as a headlight cowl, USB-C port, fork gaiters, and more exotic paint schemes. Whether the SE model will be available in the UK market will be confirmed later this year.

The Eliminator comes with standard smartphone connectivity through Kawasaki’s Rideology app, which allows for information sharing between the all-digital dashboard and your device.

As expected, the suspension of the Eliminator is not particularly remarkable. It features 41mm right-way-up forks at the front, set at a relaxed 30-degree rake, and is paired with twin rear shocks. With 120mm of front suspension travel, 90mm at the rear, and 150mm of ground clearance, the Eliminator strikes a balance between comfort and handling. While it may not be as performance-oriented as some more extreme cruisers, it is not overly compromised. Unlike the Honda Rebel, which has 16-inch wheels at both ends, the Eliminator has an 18-inch front wheel paired with a 16-inch rear wheel.

Kawasaki is known for its ability to create lightweight motorcycles, and the Eliminator is no exception. The standard model weighs in at 176kg when wet, making it a full 14 kilograms lighter than the equivalent Honda Rebel. In comparison, Royal Enfield’s Super Meteor 650, which may appear as a tempting alternative in the A2 cruiser class due to its more substantial and traditional aesthetics, is significantly heavier at 241kg. This substantial weight difference is likely to discourage many new riders from considering the Super Meteor 650.

Technological Features of 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator is not just an ordinary motorcycle; it is a machine that embodies the perfect combination of style, innovation, and technology. Designed to enhance convenience, safety, and the overall riding experience, this bike is a true standout in its class.


One of the standout features of the Eliminator is its digital instrument cluster. This advanced display provides riders with all the vital information they need at a glance. From speed and RPM to fuel level and gear position, everything is easily accessible, allowing riders to keep their focus on the road ahead. With just a quick glance, riders can stay informed and in control.

In addition to its high-tech instrument cluster, the Eliminator is equipped with LED lighting. This cutting-edge lighting system not only enhances visibility for the rider but also ensures that they are easily seen by other motorists on the road. Whether riding during the day or at night, the LED lights provide enhanced safety and visibility, giving riders peace of mind.

When it comes to braking, the Eliminator incorporates state-of-the-art technology to maximize safety and control. The bike is equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), a feature that significantly enhances braking performance. ABS prevents wheel lock-up during sudden or hard braking, allowing riders to maintain stability and control of the motorcycle. This advanced braking system reduces the risk of accidents and provides riders with the confidence to tackle any situation that may arise on the road.

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator is a motorcycle that combines style, innovation, and technology to offer riders an unparalleled riding experience. With its digital instrument cluster, LED lighting, and ABS braking system, this bike sets new standards in convenience, safety, and overall performance. Whether you’re cruising on the open road or navigating through busy city streets, the Eliminator is designed to deliver unmatched comfort, style, and peace of mind. So hop on, rev the engine, and let the Eliminator take you on an unforgettable ride.

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Customization Options of 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

One of the standout and remarkable features of the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator is its extensive and wide array of customization options that are available for riders. Kawasaki goes above and beyond by offering a range of genuine accessories that allow riders to personalize their motorcycles according to their unique and individual preferences. With such an incredible range of options, riders are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to customizing their Eliminator.

One aspect of customization that Kawasaki focuses on is providing different seat options. This allows riders to choose a seat that not only enhances the overall comfort of their ride but also complements their personal style. Whether it’s a sleek and sporty seat or a more plush and ergonomic one, riders have the freedom to select the perfect seat that suits their needs.

In addition to seat options, Kawasaki also offers various luggage solutions for riders who require extra storage space. These options range from saddlebags to tank bags, ensuring that riders can carry all their essentials with ease and convenience. With these practical and functional accessories, riders can embark on long journeys without worrying about storage limitations.

To further enhance the aesthetics of the Eliminator, Kawasaki provides aesthetic enhancements such as tank pads and frame sliders. These small but eye-catching additions not only protect the motorcycle from scratches and dents but also add a touch of style and personality. With these accessories, riders can truly make their Eliminator unique and stand out from the crowd.

The level of customization offered by Kawasaki ensures that every rider can create a motorcycle that matches their style and needs perfectly. Whether it’s for practical purposes or simply to make a statement, the extensive range of genuine accessories available for the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator allows riders to transform their bikes into personalized works of art. With such a wide array of options, riders can truly make their mark on the road and ride in style and comfort that is tailored to their liking.

Safety Features of 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to motorcycles, and the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator doesn’t disappoint in this aspect. Along with the aforementioned ABS system, the Eliminator is equipped with other safety features such as traction control and slipper clutch. These technologies help prevent wheel spin during acceleration or deceleration, providing riders with enhanced stability and control over the motorcycle. Furthermore, the Eliminator’s powerful headlights ensure excellent visibility during nighttime rides, further enhancing safety on the road.


The ZX-6R is equipped with a single 310mm front disc and a two-piston caliper, accompanied by a 240mm rear disc and a single-pot sliding caliper. Both the front and rear brakes come with standard ABS. While these specifications may not be mind-blowing, they are sufficient to outperform the CMX500 Rebel, which features a comparable rear brake and a slightly smaller 296mm front disc.

Technical Specification of 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

New price From £6,600 (est)
Capacity 451cc
Bore x Stroke 70mm x 58.6mm
Engine layout Parallel twin
Engine details 4-valve, liquid-cooled, DOHC, fuel-injected with 32mm throttle bodies
Power 48bhp (35KW) (Est)
Torque 31.7lb-ft (43Nm)
Transmission 6 speed, chain final drive, assist-and-slipper clutch
Average fuel consumption TBA
Tank size 12.5 litres
Max range to empty TBA
Rider aids ABS
Frame High tensile steel trellis
Front suspension 41mm telescopic forks, 120mm travele
Front suspension adjustment N/A
Rear suspension Twin shocks, 90mm travel
Rear suspension adjustment N/A
Front brake 310mm disc, two-piston caliper
Rear brake 240mm disc, single-piston caliper
Front wheel / tyre 130/70-18
Rear wheel / tyre 150/80-16
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2250mm x 785mm x 1100mm
Wheelbase 1520mm
Seat height 735mm
Weight 176kg (kerb) (SE 178kg)
Warranty TBA
Servicing TBA
MCIA Secured Rating Not yet rated

Pricing and Availability of 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator offers exceptional value for its price point. With its combination of performance, style, and advanced features, this motorcycle competes favorably with higher-priced models in its class. Kawasaki has an extensive dealer network worldwide, making it readily available for purchase in various regions. Additionally, Kawasaki offers competitive financing options to make owning an Eliminator more affordable for enthusiasts.

The Eliminator is scheduled to arrive in dealerships in January 2024, and as a result, Kawasaki has not yet determined the final price for the UK market. However, they have indicated that it is expected to fall between £6,600 and £6,800.

While this price tag may not be exorbitant, it’s important to consider that the Eliminator is primarily targeted at A2 license holders, making it the first new bike for many buyers. Additionally, there is already established competition in the market, particularly from the similarly-sized Honda CMX500 Rebel, which is priced at £6,299 or available for £79 per month through the current financing offer. Even if Kawasaki cannot surpass the Honda’s total price, there will likely be pressure to offer a more competitive monthly payment option when the Eliminator becomes available at dealerships.

Verdict of 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator

The 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator has undoubtedly raised the bar for cruiser motorcycles with its striking design that catches the eye and demands attention. Its sleek lines, bold colors, and modern aesthetic make it a true head-turner on the road. But it’s not just about looks – the Eliminator also delivers impressive performance that will satisfy even the most seasoned riders. With a powerful engine and responsive handling, this motorcycle is built for speed and agility.

But it’s not just power that sets the Eliminator apart – it’s also packed with innovative features that enhance both comfort and convenience. From its ergonomic seating position to its advanced technology, every aspect of this bike is designed with the rider in mind. And for those who value customization, the Eliminator offers a range of options to make it truly your own.

Safety is also a top priority for Kawasaki, and the Eliminator doesn’t disappoint in this area. It comes equipped with advanced safety features such as ABS braking, traction control, and LED lighting to ensure a secure and confident ride. Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking a powerful machine or a newcomer in search of a comfortable and stylish cruiser, the Eliminator ticks all the boxes.

And let’s not forget about the competitive pricing – Kawasaki has managed to pack all of these features into a bike that won’t break the bank. With its affordable price tag, the Eliminator offers incredible value for money in the cruiser motorcycle market.

So if you’re ready to embrace the thrill of riding, look no further than the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator. This bike is the epitome of power and style on two wheels, and it’s ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure. Whether you’re hitting the open road or cruising through city streets, the Eliminator will deliver an exhilarating experience every time. So why wait? Get on board and experience the ride of a lifetime with the 2024 Kawasaki Eliminator!

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