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How Much Is The Ninja 400 2023 in Australia ?

If you’re looking for a sporty and powerful motorcycle, then you might have your eyes set on the Kawasaki Ninja 400. It’s an excellent choice for riders who want a performance bike that’s easy to handle and comfortable to ride. But how much does it cost in Australia in 2023? In this blog post, we’ll explore the price of the Ninja 400 and what you can expect from this impressive motorcycle.

How Much Is The Ninja 400 2023 in Australia ?


Kawasaki is a well-known brand in the motorcycle industry, with a reputation for producing high-quality and reliable bikes. The Ninja series is one of their most popular lineups, with models ranging from entry-level to high-performance. The Ninja 400 is positioned as a middle-weight sports bike that is both approachable for new riders and fun for experienced ones.

The Price of the Kawasaki Ninja 400

The cost of the Kawasaki Ninja 400 varies depending on where you purchase it in Australia, but here are some rough estimates:

  • New: $8,000 – $9,000
  • Used: $6,000 – $8,000

These prices are based on current market trends and may change over time. It’s always best to check with your local dealer or private seller for up-to-date pricing information.


$8,590 Ride Away

$45.11 per week with a $500 deposit* 11.55% pa comparison rate^

The Ninja 400 offers the largest displacement in its category at 399 cc with the sophistication of twin-cylinder power. Approachable power, superb ergonomics and class-leading performance offer a smooth, manageable ride that’s ideal for new riders while also alluring for experienced riders. A low seat height and aggressive styling with LED headlights make the Ninja 400 the ideal choice for riders looking to enter the sport-riding scene.



399cc four-stroke parallel-twin engine, DOHC, 8 valves, Fuel injection 

Maximum Power

35.0 kW {48 PS} @ 10,000 rpm

Maximum Torque

37.0 Nm @ 8,000 rpm


6-speed, return, chain drive


Trellis, high-tensile steel

Fuel Capacity

14 litres

Curb Mass


Why Choose the Kawasaki Ninja 400?

There are many reasons why someone might choose the Kawasaki Ninja 400 over other motorcycles in its class. Here are some of its top selling points:


The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is equipped with a liquid-cooled four-stroke engine that delivers plenty of power and torque. This bike has a top speed of around 190 km/h (118 mph), making it perfect for riders who crave speed.


This bike has been designed with handling in mind, so you can expect precise steering and excellent stability when riding it. The Ninja 400 also has a low seat height, which makes it easy to manoeuvre at low speeds and when parking.


The Ninja 400 has an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to ride for long periods of time. It’s equipped with a digital display that shows you all the important information you need while riding, including speed, fuel level and engine temperature.


The Kawasaki Ninja 400 has a sleek and aggressive look that sets it apart from other bikes in its class. It’s available in various colours and styles, so you can choose one that suits your personality.


Colour Options

Metallic Carbon Grey

Lime Green/Ebony +$300

Pearl Blizzard White/Metallic Carbon Grey +$300


$45.11 per week with a $500 deposit* 11.55% pa comparison rate^



  • Learner approved model (LAMS)
  • Uni Trak rear suspension
  • ø310 mm semi-floating petal front disc brake
  • Twin LED headlights
  • High-grade multi-function instrumentation
  • Special colour and graphics

How to Buy the Kawasaki Ninja 400

If you’re interested in buying a Kawasaki Ninja 400 in Australia, there are several options available to you:


You can visit your local Kawasaki dealership and purchase a brand new bike directly from them. This option gives you access to financing options and warranties that may not be available elsewhere.

Private Seller

You can also buy a used Kawasaki Ninja 400 from a private seller. This option may be cheaper than buying new but comes with less certainty on the bike’s history or potential issues.

Online Marketplace

Another option is to look for listings on online marketplaces such as Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. This gives you access to numerous sellers located all over Australia with varying prices and conditions of the motorcycle.


The Kawasaki Ninja 400 is an excellent choice for riders who want a performance bike that’s easy to handle and comfortable to ride. While prices vary depending on where you purchase it in Australia, expect it to cost around $8,000 – $9,000 brand new. With its combination of performance, handling, comfort and styling, this bike is sure to turn heads wherever you go!





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