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Triumph Speed Twin 900: A Classic Blend of Style and Performance

If you are a bike enthusiast, then you must have heard of the Triumph Speed Twin 900. This motorcycle is a classic blend of style and performance.

It has the classic design of a vintage motorcycle, but with all the modern features that make it a joy to ride.

Triumph Speed Twin 900: A Classic Blend of Style and Performance

The new Street Twin features a Bonneville engine with outstanding traction, cutting-edge technical features, modern technology and classy style. With a compact body suitable for the needs of Asian people, Street Twin is considered the most successful Modern Classic model of Triumph. In addition, riders can select and personalize details typical of the Modern Classic model, which has been admired the world over.

A Brief History of the Triumph Speed Twin 900

The Triumph Speed Twin 900 was first introduced in 1938, and it quickly became one of the most popular motorcycles of its time.

It was known for its reliability, performance, and stylish design. It featured a 498cc parallel-twin engine that was capable of producing 26 horsepower. It had a top speed of 90 mph, which was very impressive for its time.

The Speed Twin continued to be produced until 1966, when it was replaced by the Triumph Bonneville. The Bonneville was essentially an upgraded version of the Speed Twin, with a larger engine and more power.



Street Twin’s upgraded 900cc HT Bonneville engine block delivers powerful performance of up to 65Ps, maximum torque of up to 80Nm. What’s more, the car has significantly lower emissions, meeting Euro 5 standards but still ensuring the famous British sound.



The soul of the Bonneville line from 1959 is still intact in the Street Twin design. Classic DNA, typical of the British automaker Triumph – From the exterior design that emphasizes operating comfort, to the design of the engine radiator system combined with twin exhaust pipes.



Die-cast rim design combined with high-grade aluminum milled details. The saddle system and side skirts are completely new designed, along with elaborate details such as: fuel tank decals, throttle covers, and scratched aluminum headlight brackets.



The Speed Twin 900 signature ride comfort comes from a saddle that’s only 765mm high. Now even more comfortable with thick seat cushion.



Braking system, suspension and tire system, power steering, driver assistance technology combined with active control posture. All contribute to the famously exhilarating driving experience of the Street Twin.


The advanced 4-piston Brembo front brake system, along with a 310mm diameter brake disc, provides decisive braking, increasing the driver’s braking feeling as well as contributing to ensuring safety when driving.


Telescopic front suspension, 41mm diameter with traditional rubber protection fork. Rear double shock absorber system. Both details combined with a travel of 120mm provide superior performance in all road conditions.


Two driving modes “Road and Rain” on Street Twin can be adjusted to adapt, traction control system (TTC) can be turned on / off, combined with ABS anti-lock braking system, LED rear lights , USB charging port under the saddle and magnetic lock.


In terms of engine equipment, Speed Twin 900 has a powerful 900cc engine block with 2 cylinders in line. SOHC, 270° crank angle and 5 gears, liquid-cooled car, with a capacity of 64 hp at 7,500 rpm combined with a Slip-Assist Clutch anti-slip clutch system. .

Small changes help the engine block of the Triumph Street Twin 2020 itself have smoother operation.

The power of the car itself also increased by 22% compared to the old 900 cc engine generation. Fitted for Street Twin as well as some other models.

In addition to a pretty enough power for a retro street model. The way Triumph Speed Twin 900 brings the classic to the car is also quite elaborate in finishing the engine’s exterior.

With screw details mounted on the machine’s cow head. The details of the pot set under the engine compartment are also made quite well.

With many details of chrome screws, there is fashion, and politeness in the design of the car.


In terms of body design, Triumph Speed Twin 900 has a fairly simple style. Every detail creates a body that has a fairly long overall. With a body length of 2,090 mm, the height including mirrors is 785 mm, and the width is 1,114 mm.

A design that gives style on the Triumph Street Twin 900 like a yacht on land. With a long and raft body feel, it is also the style that helps the Triumph Street Twin judge in terms of driving sensations.

It really has a smoothness, the right amount of a gentle car in the city.

Next, the fuel tank design continues to bring a true classic value. With a long fuel tank, the shape of a filling is placed right behind the handlebars.

The announced fuel tank volume is 12 liters. A fuel tank volume is also not different. Or there is much superiority to other cars using the same 900 to 1000 cc engine block.
It brings a sufficient amount of gasoline for the needs of moving in the city.

Run continuously for about 100 to 150 km. Redundant and comfortable way when you use them in your Tour and backpacking routes.

The saddle of the new Triumph Speed Twin 900 is highly appreciated when it replaces felt details with leather upholstery.

The rest, the overall bodywork brings a solid whole. The copper pot goes, with a sturdy overall, like a car body made from a block of metal.

With tires equipped according to the car size 18 inches in front, and 17 inches behind.

Speed Twin 900 has been updated with the new 2023 identification name as Speed Twin 900, which will lead some people to confuse it with the Speed twin 1200 model, in addition, the company also replaces the Blue paint color with a new Silver color.

Triumph Motocycles still wants to bring something new for this 2023, maybe a little change will help sales even better? please look forward to it.

The Modern Triumph Speed Twin 900

In 2019, Triumph decided to revive the Speed Twin 900, and it has been a huge success ever since. The modern version of the Speed Twin features a 1200cc parallel-twin engine that produces 96 horsepower and 83 lb-ft of torque. It has a top speed of 120 mph, which is very impressive for a retro-style motorcycle.

The modern Speed Twin 900 also features a range of modern features, such as ABS, traction control, ride-by-wire throttle, and multiple riding modes. It also has a modern suspension system, with upside-down forks at the front and twin shocks at the rear.

Design and Style

One of the things that make the Triumph Speed Twin 900 stand out is its classic design and style. It has a retro-style fuel tank, with a brushed aluminum finish and hand-painted stripes. The classic round headlight and twin clocks add to its vintage charm.

The modern version of the Speed Twin also features a number of modern design elements, such as LED lighting, a sculpted seat, and a minimalist tail section.

The bike comes in a range of colors, including a stunning silver ice and storm grey, or a jet black color scheme that gives it a more aggressive look.

Performance and Handling

The Triumph Speed Twin 900 is not just about style, it is also a high-performance motorcycle. The 1200cc engine is capable of producing an impressive 96 horsepower, which gives it plenty of power on the road. The bike also has a very responsive throttle, thanks to the ride-by-wire technology.

The Speed Twin also has a very nimble handling, thanks to its modern suspension system. The upside-down forks at the front and twin shocks at the rear provide a smooth and stable ride, even on bumpy roads.

The bike also has excellent braking performance, thanks to its dual-disc front brakes and a single disc rear brake.


5-speed gearbox
Engine type Liquid-cooled, 8-valve, 2-cylinder engine, SOHC, crankshaft angle 270°
Capacity 900cc
Piston Diameter 84.6 mm
Piston stroke 80 mm
Compression ratio 11.0:1
65 PS peak power @ 7500 rpm
Maximum torque 80 Nm @ 3800 rpm
Fuel intake system Multi-point sequential fuel injection
Exhaust system Stainless steel exhaust system, 2 out 2 exhaust with dual silencers.
Chain Loading Motion System
Taper / Clutch Wet, multi-leaf, clutch assist
Interface and display LCD multi-information display, speedometer display, electronic engine rpm display, current gear indicator, number of kilometers that can be traveled, vehicle notification to be included service, time clock, odometer (trip 1, trip 2), average fuel consumption, traction control system status display.
Chassis Tubular steel frame, trellis subframe
Rear fork Double alloy grip
Front rim Multi-spoke alloy 18 x 2.75 inch
Rear rim Multi-spoke alloy 17 x 4.25 inch
Front tire 100/90-18
Rear tire 150/70R17
Front suspension 41mm . telescopic fork
Rear suspension Double shock absorber (RSU), load adjustable
Front brake system Brembo brake 4-piston single disc, 310 mm diameter. Traction control (TTC) system. Anti-lock braking system ABS
Rear brake system Nissin 2-piston single disc 225mm diameter. Traction control (TTC) system. Anti-lock braking system ABS
Driving mode 2 driving modes: dry road, rainy road.
Handlebar width 780 mm
Height (excluding mirror) 1110 mm
Seat height 765 mm
Wheelbase 1450 mm
Front fork tilt angle 25.1 degrees
Weight 216 kg (wet)
12 liter fuel tank capacity

Comfort and Convenience

The Triumph Speed Twin 900 is not just a high-performance motorcycle, it is also very comfortable to ride.

The sculpted seat provides plenty of support for long rides, and the footpegs are positioned in a comfortable position for riders of all sizes.

The bike also has a range of modern conveniences, such as a USB charging port and a keyless ignition system.


In conclusion, the Triumph Speed Twin 900 is a classic blend of style and performance. It has a timeless design that is sure to turn heads, but it also has all the modern features that make it a joy to ride. Whether you are a vintage motorcycle enthusiast or a modern-day rider, the Speed Twin 900 is sure to impress.





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