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Yamaha TZ500 GP: A Classic Racing Legend

The Yamaha TZ500 GP could be a classic bike that has earned a notoriety as a hustling legend. This two-stroke machine was built for the Terrific Prix dashing arrangement within the 1970s and early 1980s, and it rapidly got to be a fan favorite. In this article, we are going take a closer see at the history and bequest of the Yamaha TZ500 GP.

The Origins of the Yamaha TZ500 GP

Yamaha to begin with presented the TZ500 GP in 1973, and it was an quick victory. The bicycle was fueled by a liquid-cooled, two-stroke, twin-cylinder motor that delivered around 80 drive. The TZ500 GP was planned to compete within the 500cc Amazing Prix hustling arrangement, and it rapidly demonstrated to be a genuine contender.

The TZ500 GP was a lightweight machine, weighing in at fair 140 kilograms. This made it unimaginably spry and agile, permitting riders to effortlessly move through tight corners and clip turns. The bike’s suspension was too top-of-the-line, highlighting flexible front forks and a raise monoshock that given amazing soundness and taking care of.

Dominating the Grand Prix Circuit

The Yamaha TZ500 GP rapidly built up itself as a overwhelming drive on the Terrific Prix circuit. Within the hands of skilled riders like Giacomo Agostini and Kenny Roberts, the bicycle won various races and championships. Agostini, one of the most noteworthy bike racers of all time, won the 500cc World Championship in 1975 and 1976 on a Yamaha TZ500 GP.

Kenny Roberts, another incredible rider, won the 500cc World Championship in 1980 and 1981 on a Yamaha TZ500 GP. Roberts was known for his forceful riding fashion and his capacity to thrust the limits of the bike’s execution. He was a idealize coordinate for the TZ500 GP, which was one of the quickest and most effective bicycles of its period.

The old Yamaha TZ500 GP racing car, 0 km odo number,

The Yamaha TZ500 GP is a race bike based on Yamaha’s Grand Prix-winning YZR500. The car is also a lower spec version for private teams to buy and race.

The power of the Yamaha TZ500 GP is provided by a 2-stroke, 500cc, in-line 4-cylinder engine that produces 115 horsepower and incredible acceleration thanks to its light weight structure and dynamics. two-stroke engine. This is a 1982 version, has never been run before and the meter is showing a range of 0 km.

This TZ500 GP offers collectors and racing enthusiasts the chance to get a piece of history, in its most original condition. Even the owner can still use it to experience comfort on the track, because the car does not have enough lighting devices and warning lights, so it is not legal to circulate on public roads.

The bodywork stands out in white and red similar to Kenny Roberts’ YZR500 Grand Prix race car, only the pattern is different.

This particular Yamaha TZ500 is a model of the J series. Therefore, a few points will be different from its predecessors.

The brake system is upgraded in the form of new Nissin brake calipers and large 320mm brake discs. This particular car is in brand new condition, kept by private collectors in the UK and Italy since its release in 1982. The car’s custodians have taken meticulous care to keep it. perfect condition.

Of course, to be able to work, the car needs to undergo thorough maintenance and inspection, as well as replace some parts such as seals, brake pads, tires and other wear-and-tear details.

The current price is 58,300 pounds, equivalent to about 1.8 billion. The car is located in Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK.

The Legacy of the Yamaha TZ500 GP

The Yamaha TZ500 GP could be a classic hustling machine that has cleared out an permanent stamp on the world of cruiser hustling. Its combination of speed, nimbleness, and control made it a imposing rival on the Amazing Prix circuit, and it cleared the way for future eras of hustling bicycles.

Nowadays, the Yamaha TZ500 GP is considered a collector’s thing, and it is exceedingly looked for after by bike devotees around the world. In spite of being over 40 a long time ancient, the bicycle still includes a faithful taking after, and it is regularly seen at vintage cruiser hustling occasions.


The Yamaha TZ500 GP could be a classic motorcycle that has earned a put within the pantheon of dashing legends. Its capable motor, agile dealing with, and overwhelming performance on the Amazing Prix circuit made it a fan favorite within the 1970s and early 1980s. Nowadays, the bicycle remains a prized ownership for collectors and devotees alike. In case you ever have the chance to see a Yamaha TZ500 GP in activity, take it – you won’t be baffled. 





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