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CFMoto launches a series of ADV and naked bikes in Europe

First, CFMoto will sell light and midsize vehicles, from 300cc to 650cc in Europe, followed by the two models 700CL-X and 800MT in 2022.

When CFMoto started to cooperate with KTM, the agreement between the car manufacturer from China and Austria helped CFMoto expand its product segment and improve its vehicle quality. This is an important premise for CFMoto to reach out to many markets outside of China, especially Europe.

And so far, CFMoto has in turn launched new car products such as 1250TR-G, 700CL-X and 800MT, bearing European design influences and many high-end equipment. In addition to these two expensive features, CFMoto’s car products also attract the attention of consumers thanks to their extremely competitive prices, or it can be said to be cheap compared to the technologies that the car owns.

In the near future, it is likely that CFMoto is ambitious to conquer the European market with many Naked bike or Adventure style models that are popular with European customers.

After pouring into the European market, CFMoto will get acquainted with the market with a small Naked bike model CFMoto 300NK, directly competing with Honda CB300R, Yamaha MT-03 or KTM 390 here.

CFMoto 300NK proved to be quite modest in power compared to rivals, the car was only equipped with a 292cc twin-cylinder engine, with a capacity of 28 horsepower. But in return 300NK has quite attractive equipment such as a tubular steel frame, reverse forks, custom rear shock absorbers and ABS anti-lock braking system before and after.

In the mid-range segment, CFMoto will launch the Naked bike 650NK model, equipped with a 56.5-horsepower twin-cylinder engine. The car is also equipped with a steel tube frame, good suspension and sufficient electronic technology.

On the other hand, CFMoto’s 650 series also includes the Adventure 650MT model and the pure Touring 650GT model, giving consumers more options.

Following the two models above, the Chinese automaker has planned to export two models CFMoto 800MT and CFMoto 700CL-X to Europe in 2022.

It can be seen that CFMoto is really determined to expand its market to Europe, and begins to compete with famous car brands such as Japan or European domestic car manufacturers to compete for the market. parts in the area with the most stringent quality requirements in the world motorcycle village.


CFMoto, the renowned Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, has created quite a buzz in the European market by launching an impressive lineup of Adventure (ADV) and naked bikes. This strategic move by CFMoto marks its determination to expand its global presence and cater to the growing demand for high-performance motorcycles in Europe. In this blog post, we will explore CFMoto’s new series of ADV and naked bikes, highlighting their features, performance, and the impact they are likely to have on the European motorcycle market.

1. The Rise of CFMoto:

CFMoto has steadily gained recognition worldwide for its commitment to producing reliable motorcycles at affordable prices. Over the years, it has expanded its product range to include adventure touring bikes, sportbikes, and scooters. With a strong foothold in Asia and Australia, CFMoto has set its sights on Europe as the next big market for growth.

2. Advantages of CFMoto ADV Bikes:

a) Stellar Performance:

The new lineup of CFMoto Adventure (ADV) bikes boasts powerful engines that deliver impressive performance both on-road and off-road. These motorcycles are equipped with advanced suspension systems and rugged tires to tackle any terrain with ease.

b) Cutting-Edge Technology:

CFMoto’s ADV bikes feature state-of-the-art technology like electronic fuel injection (EFI), ride-by-wire throttle control, multiple riding modes, and advanced traction control systems. These technological advancements enhance rider safety while providing an exhilarating riding experience.

c) Comfortable Ergonomics:

Long distance journeys become effortless with CFMoto’s ADV bikes thanks to their comfortable seating positions, adjustable windshields, spacious storage options, and ergonomic handlebar designs. These features ensure maximum comfort during extended rides or adventurous expeditions.

3. CFMoto ADV Bike Models:

a) CFMoto 650MT:

The CFMoto 650MT is an entry-level adventure touring bike that offers an ideal balance between performance and affordability. It features a 649cc parallel-twin engine, producing ample power and torque for both on and off-road riding. With its rugged design, comfortable seating, and long-travel suspension, the 650MT is perfect for riders looking to embark on their first adventure tour.

b) CFMoto 800MT:

For riders craving more power and capability, CFMoto offers the 800MT. This adventure motorcycle houses a robust 799cc V-twin engine that churns out impressive horsepower. The 800MT is designed to conquer challenging terrains while providing optimal comfort for longer rides, making it an excellent choice for seasoned adventurers.

c) CFMoto 700CL-X Adventure:

With its bold styling and aggressive stance, the CFMoto 700CL-X Adventure is set to make heads turn on both urban streets and unpaved trails. Equipped with a powerful liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine, adjustable suspension, and advanced electronics package, this ADV bike guarantees an unforgettable riding experience in any environment.

4. Benefits of CFMoto Naked Bikes:

a) Dynamic Performance:

CFMoto’s naked bikes combine sporty aesthetics with outstanding performance. These motorcycles feature high-revving engines that deliver thrilling acceleration and nimble handling characteristics, ensuring an engaging ride every time.

b) Versatility in Riding Styles:

Whether it’s your daily commute or spirited weekend rides through twisty roads, CFMoto naked bikes offer versatility to suit different riding styles. Their upright seating position provides excellent visibility while maintaining rider comfort for extended periods.

c) Modern Design Elements:

CFMoto’s naked bikes stand out from the crowd with their modern and aggressive design cues. From sleek bodywork to sharp lines and LED lighting, these motorcycles exude a sense of style and sophistication.

5. CFMoto Naked Bike Models:

a) CFMoto 250SR:

The CFMoto 250SR is an entry-level sportbike that combines sporty performance with affordability. This naked bike features a responsive 249cc single-cylinder engine, lightweight chassis, and sporty ergonomics, making it an ideal choice for novice riders or those looking for a more economical option.

b) CFMoto 650NK:

For riders seeking more power, the CFMoto 650NK offers an exciting middleweight naked bike option. Powered by a potent 649cc parallel-twin engine, this motorcycle delivers spirited performance both in urban environments and on open highways. With its aggressive styling and impressive value for money, the 650NK stands out as a strong competitor in its class.

c) CFMoto 700CL-X Heritage:

The CFMoto 700CL-X Heritage embodies classic design elements blended with modern technology. This retro-styled naked bike features a torquey parallel-twin engine, comfortable ergonomics, and premium components like inverted forks and radial brakes. The result is a motorcycle that not only turns heads but also provides an engaging riding experience.


CFMoto’s recent launch of Adventure (ADV) and naked bikes in Europe signifies the brand’s determination to establish itself as a formidable player in the global motorcycle market. With their stellar performance, cutting-edge technology, and attractive price points, CFMoto’s ADV and naked bikes are set to captivate European riders who seek thrilling adventures or dynamic city commutes. As CFMoto continues to expand its reach into new markets worldwide, it is poised to become one of the most sought-after motorcycle brands among enthusiasts looking for exceptional value without compromising on quality and performance.





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