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Suzuki RGV500 Kenny: The Legendary Racing Machine

In the event that you’re a cruiser devotee, you must have listened of the amazing Suzuki RGV500 Kenny, a dashing machine that ruled the tracks within the 1990s. Named after the amazing American cruiser racer Kenny Roberts, this two-stroke bike is one of the foremost iconic hustling bicycles of all time. In this article, we are going plunge profound into the history, determinations, and bequest of the Suzuki RGV500 Kenny.

Technical Information

EngineTwo Stroke, four cylinder V
Tank32 liters
Weight130 kg
Power160-200 bhp
ChassisDouble beam aluminium
Front SuspensionÖhlins inverted forks
Rear SuspensionÖhlins rear shock
BrakesBrembo Carbon discs
TyresMichelin 17″

The Birth of Suzuki RGV500 Kenny

The Suzuki RGV500 was to begin with presented in 1987 as a 500cc two-stroke hustling bike. It was outlined for the Fantastic Prix cruiser hustling championship and rapidly picked up ubiquity due to its amazing execution on the track. In 1993, Suzuki presented a extraordinary version of the RGV500, named after the three-time 500cc world winner Kenny Roberts. The bicycle highlighted the famous blue and white paint conspire with the number 1, comparative to the one Kenny Roberts utilized in his hustling career.

Specifications of Suzuki RGV500 Kenny

The Suzuki RGV500 Kenny was fueled by a liquid-cooled, two-stroke V4 motor that delivered 135 drive at 12,000 rpm. The bicycle had a best speed of 190 mph and seem quicken from to 60 mph in fair 2.5 seconds. It had a six-speed gearbox and weighed as it were 130 kg, making it one of the lightest bicycles within the Amazing Prix dashing championship.

The chassis of the RGV500 Kenny was made of lightweight aluminum combination, and the bicycle had a full carbon fiber fairing. It included an upside-down front fork and a raise suspension with a rising rate connect. The bicycle had a wheelbase of 1,390 mm and a situate stature of 830 mm, making it simple to handle on the track.

Legacy of Suzuki RGV500 Kenny

The Suzuki RGV500 Kenny overwhelmed the Fantastic Prix bike hustling championship within the 1990s, winning four world championships with riders like Kevin Schwantz and Kenny Roberts Jr. The bike was moreover included within the popular cruiser dashing video amusement arrangement, MotoGP, encourage including to its incredible status.

Indeed after its retirement from the dashing scene, the Suzuki RGV500 Kenny proceeds to motivate cruiser devotees around the world. Its notorious plan and execution have made it a collector’s thing, with numerous devotees willing to pay best dollar to possess one. The bicycle has moreover impacted modern-day hustling machines, with numerous producers receiving its lightweight and high-performance highlights.


The Suzuki RGV500 Kenny isn’t fair a motorcycle; it could be a legend that proceeds to rouse eras of bike devotees around the world. Its famous plan, high-performance highlights, and dominance on the dashing track have made it a ageless classic that will continuously be recollected. Whether you’re a collector, racer, or just an devotee, the Suzuki RGV500 Kenny may be a machine that you just cannot disregard.





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