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Triumph Rocket 3: The Beast on Two Wheels

Triumph Rocket 3: The Beast on Two Wheels

When it comes to pure power and performance, the Triumph Rocket 3 is the undisputed street queen. With its massive 2500cc engine and sleek, muscular design, this bike is not for the faint of heart. Whether you’re running on the highway or crossing the track, Triumph Rocket 3 is guaranteed to give you an unforgettable ride.

History of Triumph Rocket 3

Triumph Rocket 3 has a long history and many stories, dating back to the 1960s when the original Rocket 3 was introduced. This motorcycle was a true icon of the times with its three-cylinder engine and futuristic styling. However, it was not until the modern era that Rocket 3 really took off.

In 2004, Triumph released a new version of the Rocket 3, featuring an even more powerful engine and a sleek, modern look. This motorcycle quickly gained a reputation as one of the most powerful and capable motorcycles on the market, and its popularity only increased in the following years.

HIGHLIGHTS ON Triumph Rocket 3

  • 2500 CC ENGINE
  • Rocket 3 is the world’s largest capacity commercial motorcycle.
  • 221 NM Torque
  • Producing the world’s greatest torque for a commercial motorcycle, the vehicle accelerates incredibly smoothly and seamlessly.
  • 167 HP MAX POWER
  • The maximum capacity is up to 11% higher than the predecessor Rocket version.
  • Vehicle weight is significantly reduced thanks to the all-new aluminum frame design and the use of many high-end components.


18 liter fuel tank

With a fuel tank capacity of 18 liters, Rocket 3 R can meet long touring trips.


Tidily foldable rear footrest Triumph Rocket 3 R’s rear legrest can be folded neatly when not in use to create a minimalist, seamless overall for the rear of the vehicle.


Rocket 3 R’s Roadster-style handlebars provide a unique “muscular” feel, a dominant driving posture.


Designed with a riding position for maximum comfort and suitable for all conditions, Rocket 3 R can adjust the foot position to the rider’s liking.


18 liter fuel tank

Triumph Rocket 3 R is equipped with many high-end details such as: a “muscular” fuel tank with a Monza-style fuel tank cap in the center.


The driver’s seat and passenger side seat are designed for comfort, while adding a die-cast aluminum frame underneath the rider’s seat. The saddle height is quite low at 773mm, making it easier to support the foot.


This model owns completely new wheels witch modern black design, 240mm rear tires and 20-spoke cast aluminum wheels, so it is very light.


Rocket 3 R is equipped with all-new dual LED headlights with Triumph logo and DRL (daytime running lights), providing optimal durablity and energy savings.


The clutch is softer, providing a more comfortable ride and easier handling.


  • Fuel consumption 7l/100km
  • Maximum power/ Rotation speed 122.8/6000 kW/rpm
  • 6-speed gearbox
  • Type 3-cylinder in-line engine, liquid-cooled, DOHC
  • Capacity 2458 cc
  • Piston diameter 110.2 mm
  • Piston stroke 85.9 mm
  • Compression ratio 10.8:1
  • 167 PS @ 6000rpm . Peak Power
  • Maximum torque 221 Nm @ 4000rpm
  • Ride-by-Wire fuel system, electronic fuel injection
  • Stainless 3 out 1 exhaust system, 3 silencers / CAT . box
  • Motion system Lap shaft, gear box
  • Cone / Clutch Wet clutch, hydraulic multi-leaf, equipped with clutch assist


  • Multifunction TFT display and interface with digital speedometer, trip computer, gear display, fuel level, service indicator, ambient temperature, clock and driving mode ( Rain / On the road / Sports / Self-configured) – Triumph TFT Connectivity System can be added with a dedicated Bluetooth module.
  • Chassis Full aluminum frame
  • Rear fork Single grip, cast aluminum alloy
  • Front rim Cast aluminum alloy, 5 spokes 17 x 3.5 in
  • Rear rim Cast aluminum, 16 x 7.5 in
  • Front tire 150/80 R17 V
  • Rear tire 240/50 R16 V
  • Front shock absorber USD fork inverted Showa 47mm, 120mm stroke, with adjustable compression and elasticity.
  • Showa rear shock absorber with Piggyback pressure oil tank, remote hydraulic pressure adjustment, 107 mm travel, fully adjustable.
  • Front brake system Double disc, 320 mm diameter. Brembo M4.30 Stylema® 4-piston brake, Cornering ABS
  • Rear brake system Single 300mm disc, Brembo M4.32 4-piston monobloc caliper, Cornering ABS
  • Driving Modes Rain / Road / Sport / Driver self-configured


  • Bag Dimensions (L x Width x Height) 2365x920x1127 mm
  • Handlebar width 889 mm
  • Height (excluding mirror) 1065 mm
  • Seat height 773 mm
  • Long wheelbase 1675 mm
  • Front fork tilt angle 27.9
  • Weight 317 kg (wet)
  • Fuel tank capacity 18 liters

The Power of the Rocket 3

At the heart of the Triumph Rocket 3 is a massive 2,500 cc engine that delivers a staggering 165 hp and 163 lb-ft of torque. This engine is the largest of any production motorcycle and it gives the Rocket 3 really impressive top speed and acceleration. But Rocket 3 isn’t all about raw power. It also features advanced technologies such as electric throttle control, cornering ABS and traction control, all of which help ensure that the bike is safe and stable as well as fast and exhilarating.

The Design of the Rocket 3

One of the most striking things about the Triumph Rocket 3 is its design. This bike is built like a tank, with a large fuel tank, wide handlebars, and muscular, aggressive look that exudes confidence and power.

Rocket 3 also has some styling touches that set it apart from other motorcycles. The car’s three-cylinder engine is on full display, with a distinctive three-pipe exhaust system and a gloss aluminum engine cover. In addition, the bike’s massive wheels and tires give it an almost bulldog-like look, ready to take on any challenge that comes its way.

The Ride of the Rocket 3

For those lucky enough to ride the Triumph Rocket 3, the experience is nothing short of exhilarating. The car’s massive engine delivers dizzying acceleration and top speed, while its advanced suspension and brakes help ensure a smooth and steady ride as well as speed.

And with a comfortable, upright riding position and plenty of room to stretch, the Rocket 3 is also surprisingly comfortable for long rides. Whether you’re hitting the highway or climbing the back roads, this bike is sure to put a smile on your face


In the world of high-performance motorcycles, few machines can match the Triumph Rocket 3. With its massive engine, advanced technology and muscular design, this bike is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Whether you’re a seasoned racer looking for a new challenge or new to the world of motorcycling, the Triumph Rocket 3 is the motorcycle you just have to experience for yourself. So why not jump in and join the ranks of those lucky enough to ride this two-wheeled beast?






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