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The Suzuki T500: The Classic Two-Stroke Motorcycle

The Suzuki T500: The Classic Two-Stroke Motorcycle

The Suzuki T500 was a classic two-stroke motorcycle produced by the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki between 1968 and 1977. It was known for its smooth ride, reliability, and power, which made it a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the history of the Suzuki T500 and what makes it such an iconic motorcycle.

History of the Suzuki T500

Suzuki introduced the T500 in 1968 as a successor to their previous two-stroke motorcycles. It was powered by a 492cc air-cooled parallel twin engine that produced 46 horsepower and could reach speeds up to 105 miles per hour. The bike’s design was inspired by European motorbikes, with a classic look that combined elegance with power.

During its production run, there were several variations of the T500 released including various models like Titan, Cobra, Daytona Special and others. However, all of them had one thing in common – they were highly reliable bikes.

One of the most notable aspects of the T500 was its handling. It featured a dual-shock rear suspension system that provided riders with an incredibly smooth ride on both straightaways and curves alike.

Despite being discontinued in 1977 due to stricter emissions regulations, the popularity of the T500 continued to grow amongst vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. Today it is regarded as one of the most iconic and collectible motorcycles from its era.

Design Features

The Suzuki T500 had many features that set it apart from other motorcycles of its time. Some of the most notable design features include:

Air-Cooled Parallel Twin Engine

The heart and soul of every motorcycle is its engine. The T500’s air-cooled parallel twin engine was known for its reliability and power output. It used two individual cylinders that worked together to produce high torque at low RPMs and high horsepower at higher RPMs.

Dual-Shock Rear Suspension

The T500’s dual-shock rear suspension system was a significant improvement over the previous models. This system provided riders with a smoother ride, improved stability, and better handling compared to motorcycles that used single shock absorbers.

Classic Styling

The T500’s classic styling is one of its most recognizable features. It has a sleek, European-inspired design that combined elegance with power. Its long fuel tank, chrome accents, and round headlight give it a unique look that sets it apart from other motorcycles of its time.

Why the T500 is Still Popular Today

Despite being out of production for over 40 years, the Suzuki T500 remains a popular choice among vintage motorcycle enthusiasts. Here are some reasons why:


The Suzuki T500 is no longer in production and many of the original models have been lost or scrapped over time. This rarity makes it attractive to collectors who are looking for something unique.

Riding Experience

The T500 offers riders an authentic riding experience that can’t be replicated by modern bikes. Its two-stroke engine produces a distinct sound that can bring back memories of an era long gone.

Easy to Work On

One reason why the T500 remains popular today is because it’s easy to work on compared to newer bikes. Many parts are still available from aftermarket sources and are relatively inexpensive compared to other vintage bikes.

Restoring a Suzuki T500

Restoring a Suzuki T500 requires a lot of patience, skill, and attention to detail. Here are some tips for restoring one:

Find Parts

Finding parts for your restoration project might seem daunting but there are several resources available online including forums dedicated specifically for this model motorcycle. Replacement parts can also be found through online marketplaces like eBay or through local motorcycle shops that specialize in vintage bike restoration.


Cleaning every part of the motorcycle is important for both aesthetics and performance. Dirt and grime can cause damage to parts of the bike over time so it’s important to make sure everything is clean.

Rebuilding the Engine

Since the T500 was known for its reliability, rebuilding the engine may not be necessary if it’s still in good condition. However, if there are issues with the engine such as excessive oil consumption or low compression, a rebuild may be necessary.

Paint Work

Painting your T500 will require sanding, priming, and painting. It’s important to take your time and do research before starting this process.


The Suzuki T500 remains a popular choice among vintage motorcycle enthusiasts due to its classic design and reliable performance. Whether you’re looking to restore one or purchase one that has already been restored, owning a T500 is an excellent way to experience the joy of motorcycling from an era gone by.




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