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THE BMW C 400 GT Discovering the Luxury and Performance

As the premium portion of bikes gets to be progressively well known, BMW has presented the extreme reply with the BMW C 400 GT. This exquisite and effective bike gloats a smooth and comfortable ride, extraordinary capacity capacity, and amazing execution. Let’s dig into the highlights and determinations of THE BMW C 400 GT to find why it stands out within the swarm.

Discovering the Luxury and Performance of THE BMW C 400 GT


At to begin with look, the BMW C 400 GT is an attention-grabbing machine, with its smooth and energetic plan. The bodywork oozes the signature BMW Motorrad tasteful, with an definitive front grille and sharp points. The situate is wide and comfortable, with a tallness of 775mm, permitting riders of all sizes to ride in consolation. The windshield is electrically movable, and the handlebars can be effortlessly balanced to fit the rider’s inclinations.

The bike moreover highlights an exquisite and commonsense baggage framework. The under-seat compartment offers a liberal 31 liters of capacity space, sufficient to fit two head protectors and a rucksack. Also, there’s a capacity compartment within the front, with a USB harbour to charge your gadgets on the go.

Motor and Execution

The BMW C 400 GT packs a capable punch with its 350cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor, creating 34 drive and 26 lb-ft of torque. The motor is matched with a Persistently Variable Transmission (CVT) for consistent and easy speeding up. The bike can reach a best speed of 86 mph, making it an perfect vehicle for city commutes and longer ventures.

The suspension system features a adjustable fork at the front and a double-sided swingarm at the raise, giving a comfortable and steady ride. The bike is additionally prepared with a strong braking framework, with twin plate brakes at the front and a single plate brake at the raise, guaranteeing a smooth and solid halting control.

Innovation and Security

The BMW C 400 GT is additionally stacked with progressed innovative highlights to upgrade your riding involvement. The 6.5-inch TFT show gives clear and comprehensive data on the scooter’s execution, including speed, fuel utilization, and run. The show is additionally compatible with BMW’s discretionary Connectivity package, permitting you to put through your smartphone and get to route, music, and phone calls.

The bike moreover highlights a assortment of security highlights to guarantee your security on the street. The standard hardware incorporates Programmed Solidness Control (ASC) and Anti-lock Braking Framework (ABS), which anticipate slipping and give steadiness in elusive conditions. Furthermore, the discretionary Driven headlights and Daytime Running Lights (DRL) move forward perceivability and guarantee that you simply are unmistakable to other drivers.

Riding Encounter

Riding THE BMW C 400 GT is an elating and exceptional encounter. The bike is simple to handle, with a moo center of gravity and great adjust. The engine is responsive and gives a smooth and easy increasing speed, making it simple to overwhelm cars on the interstate. The suspension framework assimilates bumps and uneven surfaces, giving a comfortable and steady ride.

The windshield and fairing secure you from wind and climate, guaranteeing that you arrive at your goal feeling revived and energized. The handlebars are ergonomically planned, permitting you to ride in a loose and comfortable position. The bike also features a moo situate tallness, making it open for riders of all sizes.


What impresses you with a big city that is constantly developing day by day? The answer may be the specific culture, the personality of the people living there, or the surrounding scenery. What about your answer? If you still have to think about this question, it proves that the busy daily life has made you forget the beautiful values ​​in life. Do not hesitate any longer without discovering the answer for yourself with the BMW C 400 GT. Explore the city on your own or move to the suburbs to feel the peaceful rhythm we all crave.


The double headlight system on the BMW C 400 GT is inspired by BMW’s high-end cars, using modern LED technology, combined with LED daytime running lights.


The anti-skid system ASC continuously controls the speed of the front and rear wheels, helping the vehicle to maintain balance and increase traction, avoiding wheel slip when traveling in rainy and slippery conditions, thereby increasing increase the level of safety when operating the vehicle.


BMW C 400 GT owns two front brake discs like other high-end large displacement motorcycles of BMW Motorrad. The front brake disc is 265 mm in diameter with 28 mm 4-piston brake calipers, the rear brake uses a single 265 mm diameter disc and 32 mm 1-piston brake calipers. The 2-channel ABS anti-lock braking system is integrated to ensure safety when handling emergency braking situations.


Another highlight on the two models is the Connectivity smart connection system with a 6.5-inch TFT color screen and a Multi-Controller knob, capable of connecting simultaneously with phones and bluetooth headsets for both. driver and rear seat passenger. You can adjust music, listen to / make phone calls or use the Navigation function and monitor all vehicle parameters with just one finger operation.


The wireless Keyless Ride smart key equipped on the C 400 GT helps to protect the car more safely and conveniently for starting the engine, locking the neck, opening the saddle and the fuel tank cap.


The exclusive Flexcase trunk design from BMW Motorrad can be extended further when the vehicle is inactive. Thanks to this, you can hold a full-face helmet and a 3/4 helmet at the same time and still have room.


Designed and manufactured specifically for the BMW C 400 GT, the 350 cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, Euro 5 emission standard engine delivers up to 34 hp at 7,500 rpm, sure to deliver. gives you an extremely exhilarating driving experience. In addition, the vehicle’s fuel consumption is only 3.5 l/100 km according to WMTC.


THE BMW C 400 GT is the ultimate combination of extravagance and execution within the premium bike portion. Its smooth and lively plan, effective motor, progressed innovative highlights, and security gear make it stand out within the swarm. The bike gives a smooth and comfortable ride, with amazing capacity capacity, making it an perfect vehicle for city commutes and longer ventures. With THE BMW C 400 GT, you can encounter the





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