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The Yamaha MT 03: A Powerful and Stylish Street Bike

Yamaha MT 03 is a powerful and stylish street bike that has gained immense popularity among bike enthusiasts. It has a striking design and is loaded with advanced features, making it a top choice for those who seek thrill and excitement on the roads.

Introduction to the Yamaha MT 03

The Yamaha MT 03 is a naked bike that was first introduced in 2006. It has undergone significant upgrades over the years and has become a highly sought-after motorcycle. It features a 321cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine that produces 41 horsepower and 22 lb-ft of torque, making it a powerful machine that can easily reach top speeds.

The bike has a sharp and aggressive look, with an edgy fuel tank design and a compact tail section. Its LED headlights and taillights add to its modern and sporty look. The Yamaha MT 03 is designed to provide a comfortable riding experience, with a comfortable seat and ergonomically designed handlebars.

The Power of the Yamaha MT 03

The Yamaha MT 03 is a powerful motorcycle that can deliver an exciting and thrilling ride. Its 321cc engine is designed to provide a smooth and responsive performance, with a quick throttle response and an impressive power delivery. The bike can easily reach top speeds and can accelerate from 0-60 mph in just over 5 seconds.

The bike’s advanced braking system provides excellent stopping power, with dual-channel ABS as standard. The bike’s suspension system is also designed to provide a comfortable and stable ride, with a front telescopic fork and a rear swingarm.

The Style of the Yamaha MT 03

The Yamaha MT 03 has a unique and striking style that sets it apart from other bikes in its class. Its sharp and aggressive design is complemented by its LED headlights and taillights, giving it a modern and sporty look. The bike’s fuel tank is designed to be slim and edgy, while its compact tail section adds to its overall sleek appearance.

The bike’s digital instrument panel provides essential information to the rider, including speed, RPM, fuel level, and more. The bike also features a stylish exhaust system that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal.

Riding the Yamaha MT 03

The Yamaha MT 03 is designed to provide a comfortable and thrilling riding experience. Its ergonomically designed handlebars and comfortable seat make it easy to ride for extended periods, while its responsive throttle and powerful engine provide an exhilarating ride.

The bike’s suspension system is designed to provide a smooth and stable ride, even on bumpy roads. The bike’s brakes are also highly responsive, providing excellent stopping power when needed.

Design: dusty and almost identical to the R3
Said to be the naked version of R3, it’s not complicated when MT-03 is almost identical to R3. Both models have a wet weight of 169 kg and a seat height of 780 mm, an ideal number for the Vietnamese department.

The difference comes from the truss when the Yamaha MT-03 pursues a naked, muscular, more “bare” stylized with the engine block, exposed chassis and single light cluster. Besides, another obvious difference is the wider steering range, more suitable for those who want to use the car to move in the city.

However, the wheelbase is up to 1,380 mm long, 90 mm longer than Yamaha’s popular clutch bike, the Exciter, which will also be a disadvantage for those who are new to it. Long cars with large mass (compared to popular models) require new drivers to get used to it for a while, to be able to drive the car more neatly. (See more detailed pictures of Yamaha MT-03 here.)

Finally, a plus point worth mentioning is that the exposed engine block helps the MT-03 dissipate the engine heat more efficiently, without the phenomenon of hot steam and the driver’s feet like the “twin” Yamaha R3.

Moving in the city: gently

If you really know how to control to avoid the throttle or jump gears at high revs, the person sitting behind you can hardly recognize the difference between the Yamaha MT-03 and… Yamaha Exciter or Yamaha TFX.

Regulating the throttle in a moderate way, the 321 cc car operates completely smoothly in the city.
MT-03’s 321 cc engine produces up to 41.42 hp at 10,750 rpm and has a maximum torque of 29.6 Nm at 9,000 rpm. A number that can be said to be very impressive when compared to the 150 engines on many other manual clutch models. However, the clutch is not too heavy, the flexible 6-speed gearbox and the upright sitting posture will help you easily adjust this power block so that moving in the city is not jerky.

And with this power, in the urban speed limit of 50 km/h, perhaps users rarely have to use the 6th gear. The 50 km/h speed with the 5th gear will only make the engine run. of the MT-03 operates at nearly 3,000 rpm – compared to the “redline” rpm of 13,000 rpm.

The wide steering range makes a big difference between the MT-03 and the R3. The nakedbike is built more suitable for the city, with the ability to wriggle more effectively even though it is built on the same frame.

Long road: no road to try MT-03
In the current conditions, large displacement bikes like the Yamaha MT-03 are also limited to speeds outside of urban areas at 60 km/h – a speed milestone that cannot yet challenge the newly launched nakedbike. speed of 60 km / h on a rather steep road, MT-03 has only used up to 4,000 rpm, completely “leisurely” compared to the car’s power of more than 41 horsepower.

60 km / h is not a speed threshold that puts any pressure on the engine of the Yamaha MT-03.
However, the competitive advantage of large displacement bikes like the MT-03, when traveling on the road, is “sharp” in its solidity, compactness and grip.

Michelin tires with sizes 110/70R17 and 140/70R17 and low center of gravity keep the 321 cc car always in a balanced state, gliding on the road. The long wheelbase “powers” the large displacement model when passing through speed bumps or bad facades.

Therefore, driving the MT-03 at 60 km/h, you can confidently maintain the speed through large deceleration hours, but even low-rise cars have to lightly brake to avoid undercarriage. The front and rear suspension is almost no different from the Yamaha R3, giving the 321 cc naked bike model a relatively long but firm, soft, and comfortable ride in the city. stable at high speed.

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Comprehensive Yamaha MT – 03

With a series of improvements and more attractive appearance, the 2020 Yamaha MT-03 has officially appeared on the market, creating many “turbulences” for competitors in the same segment. The car is equipped with a 321cc inline twin-cylinder engine, producing a strong capacity of 41 horsepower.

review Yamaha MT-03 ABS

2020 Yamaha MT-03.

Moreover, 2020 Yamaha MT-03 has a series of improvements in terms of controls and equipment. First of all, it’s LED lighting, which looks like a cool robot face, while the car’s turn signals have also been improved. With the LED version, MT-03 also converts the instrument cluster to LCD completely.

review Yamaha MT-03 ABS

Smarter design.

Meanwhile, for better control, the new warrior from Yamaha owns a 37 mm KYB reverse fork, giving the driver a more stable control feeling compared to the previous suspension. If you have to summarize in a short sentence, car experts say that 2020 Yamaha MT-03 is the first choice for motorcyclists.

review Yamaha MT-03 ABS

The first choice for beginners to play.

Going into more detail, it can be seen that the in-line twin-cylinder engine on the MT-03 has existed since 2015. This power system makes itself the choice of many young drivers. With a capacity of 321cc, this machine really inherits the harmony


The Yamaha MT 03 is a powerful and stylish street bike that offers an exciting and thrilling riding experience. Its advanced features and sleek design make it a top choice for bike enthusiasts who seek a combination of performance and style. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, the Yamaha MT 03 is a bike that will provide a comfortable and exhilarating ride. So, if you’re looking for a bike that offers power, style, and performance, the Yamaha MT 03 is definitely worth considering.Continue

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