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Review of the Moto Aprilia SX 125: A Powerful and Stylish Ride

Review of the Moto Aprilia SX 125: A Powerful and Stylish Ride

The Moto Aprilia SX 125 is a popular choice for riders seeking a powerful and stylish bike. With its sleek design and impressive performance, the SX 125 has gained a loyal following in the motorcycle community. In this blog post, we will take an in-depth look at the features, specifications, and overall riding experience of the Moto Aprilia SX 125.

Design and Appearance:

The Moto Aprilia SX 125 is a visually stunning motorcycle that is sure to turn heads wherever it goes. With its sharp lines, aggressive styling, and bold color options, this bike exudes a sense of power and confidence. The SX 125 features a high-quality build with attention to detail evident in every aspect of its design. Whether you choose the vibrant red or the sleek black color option, the SX 125 is guaranteed to make a statement on the road.

APRILIA SX125 (2018 – on) Review

Ride & brakes

The Aprilia SX 125 immediately found itself in a gap in the market, which used to be packed with learner-legal enduro or supermoto 125s (Suzuki DR125SM, Yamaha XT125R and Yamaha XT125X), but nowadays none of the ‘recognised’ brands build one and instead have focused their attention on race reps and naked bikes. A move that has left the door open for Aprilia…

New in 2018, the supermoto Aprilia SX 125 and enduro RX 125 share a similar platform. Both bikes use the RS 125’s (or RS4 as it used to be called) fuel-injected, four-stroke, single cylinder engine that is housed in a steel double cradle frame. Boasting inverted forks, ABS, and smatterings of real-fake carbon fibre, not to mention typically-Aprilia aggressive styling, they look far more premium products than their impressively budget £3399 price tags suggest. Are Aprilia onto a winner by spotting this hole in the 125cc market?

The SX 125 has a ‘big bike’ feel about it and while the seat height is quoted at 880mm, it’s such a narrow machine with soft suspension that in reality it’s far lower. The riding position is relaxed with tall bars, which is good, but the seat is pretty firm. While the engine’s weedy exhaust note is a disappointment, it’s as fast as any four-stroke 125 with solid road holding meaning you can happily top 60mph, which is all you need. My only real criticism was the cheap dash, which lacks a fuel gauge and looks like it came out of a cracker.

You always expect an Aprilia model to cost a premium, but launched at £3399 the SX was impressive value for money and backed up by some tempting finance deals, which you don’t always get with far eastern brands. However, fast-forward to 2021 and the price has risen to £3895.

The aggressive look and relaxed riding position that a supermoto style of bike delivers is good and the fact the SX comes with ABS is a bonus.

Ok, it’s made in China and not Italy, but it’s the name on the tank that counts and the Aprilia brand still carries some weight behind it.

The SX looks fantastic in the flesh and fits all shapes and sizes of rider, even those who have been through a recent growth spurt/McDonalds binge. The little single engine is reliable and sips fuel with 80mpg easily achievable, making the SX cheap to run on a shoestring. It sounds a bit puny, but that’s nothing a loud exhaust can’t rectify.

Ride quality & brakes

The Aprilia has a ‘big bike’ feel about it and while the seat height is quoted at 880mm, it’s such a narrow machine with soft suspension that in reality it’s far lower. The riding position is relaxed with tall bars, which is good, but the seat is pretty firm. There are better handling 125s on the market (KTM 125 Duke) but overall the SX doesn’t disappoint and it’s a good little 125 and ideal for commuting or shorter runs. The ABS system works well, giving newer riders a greater feeling of security than combined brakes deliver. And the rear brake has no ABS, so you can still do skids to impress people…


The SX use the same four-stroke single cylinder 125 as the RS 125, which is a pretty advanced engine. It has four valves, double overhead cams and a fuel-injection system, so meets Euro4 regulations. Despite sounding pretty weedy, it makes the legal limit for a 125 and is impressively frugal to run with 80mpg easily achievable.

Reliability & build quality

By their very nature 125s get hammered to within an inch of their life, but as new you get a two-year warranty and the RS4 (which is now called the RS 125) has a proven reliability record. The lower level of finish tends to show up after a few years, but mechanically it should be sound.

Our Aprilia SX 125 owners’ reviews show a few issues with build quality that we think you should consider before buying one.

Value vs rivals

If you are comparing the SX to far eastern brands the Aprilia is more expensive, and the likes of the Keeway TX 125 Enduro or SM and Lexmoto Adrenaline and Lexmoto Tekken all cost £1999. The air-cooled Rieju MRT 125 Pro is £2999 while a water-cooled version £4099, which is more than the also water-cooled SX. The Japanese ‘big four’ seem to have abandoned the supermoto/enduro 125 market in favour of the naked/race rep, so if you want a recognised brand, it’s the Aprilia or nothing and at £3399 it’s good value. Although it is actually also Chinese-built, unlike the Aprilia RS 125…


Unlike some cheap 125s, which have a combined braking system to pass Euro4 regulations, the SX has a Bosch ABS system

APRILIA SX125 (2008 – 2011)

Ride quality & brakes

Those wide alloy bars give great steering, but even here at the top end of the 125 supermoto class the suspension doesn’t match up to the racy looks. Huge travel and soft springs mean the bike pitches back and forth and loads up in corners. Sticky tyres keeps them right side up, but you expect more from Aprilia. Good over rough surfaces though.


In days gone by performance two-strokes were about hard-hitting top end power, but emissions law has put paid to that. The once class-leading Aprilia engine has had it’s goolies removed to satisfy Euro3, and the weak bottom end builds in to an unexceptional top-end. Only low-rev fuelling is better than before.

Reliability & build quality

The build quality is superb – shiny fasteners, beautiful alloy components and tough looking plastics are up the spec of the rest of the Aprilia range. The 20 year-old engine should be reliable between piston ring changes given the necessary care – but since when do teens lavish care on a bike?

Value vs rivals

£3099 is a lot of money for a 125, especially given that the eco-changes have taken away some of the performance edge. It’s nicely built, but we’re not sure it’s worth the cash for a bike you might only keep for six months. Find an Aprilia SX125 for sale.


The area where the SX125 and RX125 scores over rivals is in kit – Brembo brakes, a digital dash and beautiful alloy spoked rims look lovely. But Aprilia still hasn’t equipped the motor with RS125’s electric start – so it’s left-side kickstart only. Compare and buy parts for the Aprila SX125 in the MCN Shop.

Other versions

Aprilia RX125: same frame, engine, suspension and bodywork as the SX125, but the enduro-style RX version features larger wheels (21″ front & 18″ rear), different gearing and knobbly tyres. It’s also £200 more expensive.

Engine Performance:

At the heart of the Moto Aprilia SX 125 lies a powerful engine that delivers impressive performance. The SX 125 is equipped with a liquid-cooled, 125cc, single-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power output of 15 horsepower. This engine provides excellent acceleration and top speeds, making it suitable for both city commuting and highway cruising. The smooth power delivery and responsive throttle make the SX 125 a joy to ride in various conditions.

Handling and Suspension:

One of the standout features of the Moto Aprilia SX 125 is its exceptional handling and suspension system. The bike is equipped with high-quality upside-down front forks and a mono-shock rear suspension, which ensures a comfortable and controlled ride. The SX 125 offers excellent stability and maneuverability, allowing riders to confidently navigate through tight corners and twisty roads. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced rider, the SX 125 offers a dynamic and engaging riding experience.

Safety Features:

Safety is a crucial consideration for any motorcycle rider, and the Moto Aprilia SX 125 does not disappoint in this aspect. The bike comes equipped with advanced safety features to ensure rider protection and confidence on the road. The SX 125 features a reliable braking system with front and rear disc brakes, providing quick and efficient stopping power. Additionally, the bike is equipped with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), which prevents wheel lock-up and allows for better control during emergency braking situations.

Comfort and Ergonomics:

Long rides can be tiring, but the Moto Aprilia SX 125 aims to provide a comfortable riding experience for its users. The bike features a well-designed seat that offers ample cushioning and support for both the rider and the pillion. The handlebar position and footpeg placement are ergonomically designed to reduce rider fatigue and provide a comfortable riding posture. Whether you are commuting to work or embarking on a long journey, the SX 125 ensures that you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed.

Tech and Connectivity:

In today’s digital age, connectivity features have become increasingly important in motorcycles. The Moto Aprilia SX 125 caters to this demand by offering modern tech and connectivity options. The bike comes equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster that provides essential information such as speed, RPM, fuel level, and more. Additionally, the SX 125 features smartphone connectivity, allowing riders to connect their devices and access navigation, music, and call notifications conveniently.

Fuel Efficiency:

Fuel efficiency is a crucial factor for many riders, especially for those who frequently commute or embark on long rides. The Moto Aprilia SX 125 boasts impressive fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice for riders. With its efficient engine and optimized fuel consumption, the SX 125 delivers an excellent mileage that ensures fewer stops at fuel stations and more time on the road.

Maintenance and Reliability:

When investing in a motorcycle, it is essential to consider the maintenance and reliability of the chosen model. The Moto Aprilia SX 125 is known for its reliability and durability, requiring minimal maintenance to keep it in top condition. With regular servicing and proper care, the SX 125 is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring a long and enjoyable ownership experience.

Price and Value:

While the Moto Aprilia SX 125 offers an array of impressive features and performance, it is also essential to consider the price and overall value of the bike. The SX 125 is competitively priced, making it an affordable option for riders seeking a powerful and stylish ride without breaking the bank. With its combination of performance, design, and reliability, the Moto Aprilia SX 125 offers excellent value for money.


The Moto Aprilia SX 125 is a remarkable motorcycle that combines power, style, and performance in one impressive package. From its striking design to its powerful engine, advanced safety features, and comfortable ride, the SX 125 leaves no room for compromise. Whether you are a seasoned rider or just starting your two-wheeled journey, the Moto Aprilia SX 125 is a fantastic choice that will undoubtedly elevate your riding experience. So, why wait? Get ready to hit the road and experience the thrill of the Moto Aprilia SX 125 for yourself!





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