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Leopard Racing Team – Excellent “Leopard Warrior” of speed racing 2023

Leopard Racing Team – Excellent “Leopard Warrior” of speed racing

Fans of MotoGP races must be no stranger to the name Leopard Racing, one of the racing teams often participating in Moto3 and MotoGP formats. Leopard Racing Team stands out at all times on the track with the main color on both the car and the shirt being a gentle but equally special bright blue. Up to now, Leopard Racing has reaped many achievements, including its team in the Moto3 championship trophies: 2015 (Danny Kent), 2017 (Joan Mir), 2019 (Dalla Porta) If you are a speed fan, let’s learn a little about the Leopard Racing team!

History of the Panther Hustling Group

The Panther Dashing Group was established in 2014 by Flavio Becca, a businessman and energetic cruiser dashing devotee. The group begun its travel within the Moto3 category with Italian rider Andrea Locatelli and French rider Fabio Quartararo. In their make a big appearance season, the group appeared promising comes about with Quartararo winning two races and wrapping up fifth within the championship standings.

Within the taking after season, the group proceeded to progress and won their to begin with Moto3 World Championship title with British rider Danny Kent. Kent won six races and finished with a comfortable edge of 54 focuses over his closest match.

The group proceeded their dominance within the 2016 season with another World Championship title, this time with South African rider Brad Folio.

In 2017, the group moved up to the Moto2 category with Italian rider Lorenzo Baldassarri. The group had a challenging begin within the unused category, but they persevered and appeared relentless advance all through the season.

Within the 2018 season, the group marked Spanish rider Joan Mir, who won the Moto3 World Championship within the past season. Mir had an noteworthy make a big appearance season in Moto2, wrapping up third within the championship standings and winning two races.

Within the 2019 season, the group marked Italian rider Enea Bastianini, who had a successful season, wrapping up third within the championship standings and winning two races. The group kept on appear consistent advance and marked Australian rider Jack Mill operator for the 2020 season.

About Leopard Racing Team

Leopard Racing is a racing team founded on a combination of Italy and Luxembourg. So far, Leopard has divided into 3 teams participating in many different races on the international circuit, including Moto3 team, CEV team and Leopard Pro Cycling team.

Moto3 format ruler

The recent history of Moto sport records few projects that can be said to be as successful as the Leopard Racing Moto3. This team has proven its competitiveness and potential, conquering the fast track as a dominator since participating in the Moto3 format of the 2015 World Championships.

The Leopard Racing team was set up by Miodrag Kotur and Christian Lundberg and successfully claimed the position by winning the world championship. Stepping onto the podium by British racer Danny Kent as he and Marcos Ramírez, a newcomer at the time, once again made history after 4 wins and 7 steps to claim. Cup, the guy from Tuscany was crowned in 2019. He became the Moto3 world champion in 2019 and brought Leopard the 3rd world championship title in his Moto3 history.

CEV Formula

Also known as Leopard Junior (the youth team), the team is currently competing in its fourth season in the FIM CEV Repsol Championship, also known as the Junior World Championship in the Moto3 division. Since its first season in 2016, the team has signed five drivers, of which Marcos Ramírez became the Junior World Champion runner-up. In 2018, Manuel Pagliani finished the race in third place in the standings and in 2019, drivers such as Àlex Díez, Xavi Artigas and Davide Pizzoli were the ones who defended Leopard Racing shirt.

Leopard Junior’s goal is to find young talent and prepare for the leap into the Word Championship in the Moto3 category, and if possible, straight into the Leopard Racing team. FIM CEV Repsol is considered a battlefield for young drivers to show their enthusiasm and passion for speed racing, and Leopard Junior has always been at the top of the rankings. For that reason, Leopard Junior is considered the cradle of professional racing, where all the potential of the raw gems will be honed under the training of the technical team. Word Championship.

Leopard Racing Cyling

This is Leopard Racing‘s cycling team. Created for the purpose of creating opportunities for riders to have a healthy and balanced development environment. This is the cradle that has trained great talents and stars in the cycling village such as Sean De Bie, Bob Jungels and Alex Kirsch.

How do riders use protective gear when participating in MotoGP?

Regardless of the silk driver, professional racers always put their own safety as a top priority. Because when traveling at speeds up to hundreds of km / h, any racer can be thrown off the track. Therefore, helmets and safety gear for riders are always selected very carefully and must be certified to meet safety standards according to FIM standards. The protective gear of the riders includes: helmets, gloves, overalls and safety shoes.

For helmets, famous hat brands often appear to accompany MotoGP racers, such as: KYT, HJC, LS2, Arai, etc. All the helmets that riders use. When going to battle, all hats are specially manufactured, exclusively made for each racer, not for commercial purposes. However, in response to the love of fans, helmet manufacturers still launch eye-catching racing stamps, such as KYT Venom Simone Corsi, KYT TT Course Jaume Masia, KYT TT Course Tony Arbolino, KYT Kasma Daniel… create conditions for fans of racing teams or racers to satisfy their admiration.

Besides the head, the body part including arms, legs, chest and back are equally important parts. Now, thanks to the development of advanced technology, racers’ armor and pants have reached a new level with optimized safety protection features, reaching a level of assurance. maximum safety for riders at high speed.

Accomplishments of the Panther Dashing Group

The Panther Dashing Group has accomplished critical victory in a brief period of time. The group has won two Moto3 World Championships and has reliably been one of the best groups within the category. Within the Moto2 category, the team has appeared consistent progress and has wrapped up within the beat three within the championship standings twice.

The group has too delivered a few skilled riders who have gone on to realize victory within the don. Danny Kent, Brad Cover, and Joan Mir, who all won World Championships with the group, are right now hustling within the MotoGP category.

Future of the Panther Hustling Group

The Panther Hustling Group includes a shinning future ahead of them. The group has reliably appeared that they have the ability and assets to compete at the most noteworthy level. The group is right now competing within the Moto2 category with Australian rider Jack Mill operator and Spanish rider Marcos Ramirez.

The group has too reported that they will be competing within the unused Moto3 Electric World Glass, which is set to start in 2023. The unused championship will include electric cruisers, and the Panther Hustling Group is anticipated to be one of the beat groups within the category.

Conclusion for Leopard Racing

The Panther Dashing Group has rapidly built up itself as one of the best groups within the cruiser dashing world. The group has accomplished noteworthy victory in a short period of time and has produced several gifted riders who have gone on to attain success within the sport.

With the team’s proceeded advance and participation within the unused Moto3 Electric World Cup, long-term looks shinning for the Panther Hustling Group. Able to anticipate to see more victory and skilled riders coming out of the team within the coming a long time.




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