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A Comprehensive Review of BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT

Blog Title: A Comprehensive Review of BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT


In this blog post, we will delve into a detailed review of two iconic scooters from BMW – the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT. We will explore their design, performance, features, and advantages, helping you make an informed decision if you’re considering purchasing one of these impressive machines. So, whether you’re an urban commuter or a long-distance traveler, let’s dive into the world of BMW C 650 scooters and discover what sets them apart.

1. Introduction to BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT:

The BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT are both part of BMW’s Maxi-Scooter lineup, designed to offer a mix of comfort, performance, and agility. These scooters cater to different rider preferences but share some common features, including a powerful engine, excellent build quality, and cutting-edge technology. Let’s take a closer look at each model.

BMW C 650 Sport:

The C 650 Sport is a dynamic and sporty scooter that is perfect for riders seeking an exhilarating urban riding experience. Its modern design, aggressive lines, and sporty ergonomics make it stand out from the crowd. Equipped with a 647cc twin-cylinder engine, the C 650 Sport offers impressive acceleration and top speeds, making it ideal for darting through city traffic.

BMW C 650 GT:

On the other hand, the C 650 GT focuses more on long-distance touring and comfort. With its luxurious features and spacious design, this scooter is perfect for riders who prioritize comfort and practicality. The C 650 GT also shares the same 647cc engine as the Sport model but offers a more relaxed riding position, larger windscreen, and enhanced storage capacity.

2. Design and Styling:

Both the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT feature a sleek and modern design that showcases BMW’s attention to detail and craftsmanship. Let’s explore their design elements and styling cues.

C 650 Sport Design:

The C 650 Sport boasts a sporty and aggressive stance with its sharp lines and angular bodywork. Its compact dimensions and low center of gravity make it nimble and easy to maneuver in tight urban spaces. The sporty fairing, LED headlights, and muscular rear end give the C 650 Sport a distinctive look that sets it apart from other scooters in its class.

C 650 GT Design:

In contrast, the C 650 GT has a more elegant and sophisticated design. Its larger bodywork provides excellent wind protection, making it an excellent choice for highway cruising. The GT model features a more relaxed riding position, thanks to its higher handlebars and lower footpegs. The integrated side cases offer ample storage space for longer journeys, adding to its practicality.

3. Performance and Engine:

Both the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT are equipped with a powerful 647cc twin-cylinder engine that delivers impressive performance and smooth power delivery. Let’s explore their performance characteristics in more detail.

Engine Performance of C 650 Sport:

The C 650 Sport’s engine generates a thrilling 60 horsepower, allowing it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just a few seconds. With a top speed of around 110 mph, the Sport model offers an exhilarating riding experience. The engine’s smooth power delivery and responsive throttle ensure that riders can effortlessly navigate through city traffic or enjoy spirited rides on open roads.

Engine Performance of C 650 GT:

While the C 650 GT shares the same engine as the Sport model, it is tuned for a more relaxed and comfortable riding experience. The GT model delivers power in a linear and predictable manner, making it ideal for long-distance touring. The engine’s ample torque ensures effortless overtaking and cruising at highway speeds, while the scooter’s excellent stability guarantees a smooth and comfortable ride.

4. Features and Technology:

BMW is known for equipping its vehicles with cutting-edge technology and innovative features, and the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT are no exceptions. Let’s explore some of the noteworthy features that enhance the riding experience.

High-resolution Display:

Both scooters come equipped with a high-resolution display that provides essential information to the rider. From speed and fuel level to navigation instructions and riding modes, the display ensures that riders have all the necessary data at their fingertips.

Keyless Ride System:

With the keyless ride system, riders can start and unlock their scooter with ease, eliminating the need for a traditional key. This feature adds convenience and enhances security, making the C 650 Sport and GT models even more user-friendly.

Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA):

The Electronic Suspension Adjustment system allows riders to fine-tune the suspension settings based on their preferences and riding conditions. Whether you prefer a sportier or more comfortable ride, the ESA system ensures optimal suspension performance.

Heated Seats and Grips:

For riders who venture out in colder climates, the heated seats and grips feature is a welcome addition. This feature ensures that riders stay warm and comfortable, even during chilly rides, adding to the overall enjoyment of the journey.

Optional Accessories:

BMW offers a range of optional accessories for both the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT models. These accessories include items such as top cases, smartphone connectivity, and advanced rider aids like adaptive cruise control. These optional extras allow riders to tailor their scooter to their specific needs and preferences.

5. Advantages of BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT:

Now that we’ve explored the design, performance, and features of the C 650 Sport and C 650 GT, let’s summarize the advantages these scooters offer to potential buyers.

C 650 Sport Advantages:

  • Sporty and aggressive design stands out from the crowd.
  • Excellent acceleration and top speed for urban commuting.
  • Nimble and easy to maneuver in city traffic.
  • Cutting-edge technology and innovative features enhance the riding experience.
  • Ideal for riders seeking an exhilarating and dynamic urban riding experience.

C 650 GT Advantages:

  • Luxurious and comfortable design perfect for long-distance touring.
  • Spacious seating position and ample storage capacity.
  • Excellent wind protection for highway cruising.
  • Smooth power delivery and stable ride.
  • Cutting-edge features and optional accessories enhance comfort and convenience.
  • Ideal for riders prioritizing comfort and practicality.

BMW has launched its new C 650 Sport and C 650 GT maxi scooters. These models come with an extensively modified drivetrain, retuned suspension, and increased standard features. As a result, they continue to deliver practical and efficient urban commuting, while also offering trademark BMW sports performance and grand tour cruising.

Building on the strength and history of the BMW Motorrad brand and its outstanding motorcycle lineup, BMW first launched its maxi scooter C 650 range in Australia in 2012. Now, with further mechanical improvements and a completely new body design for the Sport model, the range is set to appeal to a much broader market.

The new BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT maxi scooters offer practical and efficient urban commuting, with long-distance sports performance and touring comfort. The twin-cylinder 647cc engine has been retuned, and the CVT has been significantly upgraded to deliver more responsive acceleration, a higher top speed of 180km/h, and EU4 emission compliance. The suspension tuning and damping have also been revised to provide an optimal balance of dynamic handling and ride comfort.

The C 650 Sport now features an all-new body design that offers a sharper, sports-focused aesthetic and greater visual differentiation from the C 650 GT grand tourer. Both models come standard with the new Automatic Stability Control (ASC) and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS).

The instruments have been redesigned to improve visibility and readability in all conditions. Additionally, an optional Highline package is available for both models, which includes a new automatic LED daytime riding light, seat heating, heated grips, and tire pressure monitoring.

Furthermore, the centre stand has been redesigned to require 30 percent less effort to jack up.

Andreas Lundgren, General Manager of BMW Motorrad Australia, stated that the two BMW C 650 maxi scooters offer a combination of practicality and cost efficiency, while still providing maximum riding enjoyment and touring comfort. This makes them suitable for all types of environments.

According to Mr. Lundgren, both BMW C 650 models have improved performance, ride comfort, and dynamic handling. They deliver the excellent ride qualities that BMW motorcycles are known for, while also offering the agility, comfort, and convenience of a maxi scooter.

Additionally, the all-new design of the C 650 Sport is sharper and more athletic, providing a greater differentiation from the stylish and comfortable elegance of the C 650 GT tourer. This design difference adds to the appeal of the scooters, making them attractive to a wide range of customers.

Both models feature the same powerful 44kW/63Nm 647cc twin-cylinder engine, which has been retuned to enhance performance and efficiency in order to meet the latest EU4 emission standards.

With a significantly upgraded Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), the engine now provides improved off-the-line response, a higher top speed of 180km/h, and a fuel consumption of 4.6l/100km at a constant speed of 90km/h.

Both scooters are equipped with a new stainless steel exhaust system, which now only includes a rear silencer. This modification gives the scooters a deep and resonant sound.

Together with the drivetrain improvements, the new C 650 models also benefit from retuned spring and damper rates for the 40mm front upside-down forks and rear swing arm suspension, providing excellent stability at highway speeds and easy maneuverability in city traffic.

The suspension maintains the generous 115mm travel of the previous models, with additional fine-tuning to optimize the balance between sporty handling and superb ride comfort.

Big 15-inch light-alloy wheels further enhance the comfort, stability, and agility of the maxi scooters. In addition to ABS, the new standard Automatic Stability Control (ASC) ensures maximum safety during braking or when under throttle.

The new C 650 Sport, which replaces the previous C 600 Sport, is immediately recognizable thanks to its leaner streamlined aesthetic. It features a sculpted front fairing, visible forks, and a sharply raked windscreen sitting atop the distinctive BMW “split-face”.

In side profile, a dynamic line rises to the rear where the highly visible swing arm, white-painted rear spring for the spring strut, and twin-pipe silencer on the right-hand side enhance the sporty silhouette and define the C 650 Sport as a product that sits easily within the BMW Motorrad family.

The design of the C 650 GT has also been fine-tuned, featuring new rear side trim panels and a rear LED light unit. Additionally, both models now have redesigned instrument dials that ensure better readability in all light conditions.

The distinction between the two models is also noticeable in the handlebar design. The Sport model boasts wider and flatter bars, along with a streamlined seat design, which encourages a more forward-oriented riding position. On the other hand, the GT model is equipped with higher bars and a large, comfortable seat that includes an integrated backrest, making it ideal for long-distance cruising.

Both new C 650 models also offer an extensive list of practical comfort and convenience features, as well as ample storage space.

Standard adjustable windshields, with electric control for the C 650 GT, an automatic park brake that is activated when the side stand is folded down, and a revised design for the center stand that requires 30 percent less effort to jack up, all ensure that the C 650 is very easy to live with.

With an LED-illuminated, 60-liter storage space under the seat, the C 650 GT offers best-in-class storage. This is complemented by two front glove compartments, one of which features a standard power socket and automatic locking function.

While the Sport model’s slender rear end offers a smaller storage space, BMW’s innovative Flexcase concept, which enables a downward extension of the base of the storage compartment when the scooter is parked, ensures that there is still sufficient room to securely store two helmets.

BMW C 650 Australian Pricing*

BMW C 650 Sport:$14,150
BMW C 650 GT:$14,990

In conclusion

The BMW C 650 Sport and C 650 GT offer distinct riding experiences tailored to different preferences. Whether you’re a sporty urban rider or a long-distance tourer, BMW’s Maxi-Scooter lineup has something to offer. With their powerful engines, cutting-edge technology, and comfortable designs, these scooters are an excellent choice for riders seeking a combination of performance, comfort, and style. So, choose the model that suits your riding style and embark on your next two-wheeled adventure with confidence.





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