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4 Vietnamese racers attend the ARRC 2023 in Thailand.

Cao Viet, Duc Thanh, Anh Tuan and Huu Tri will participate in Asia’s leading motorcycle tournament in Thailand, from March 23-26

Participating in this year’s ARRC race, the Honda Racing Vietnam (HRV) team aims to enter the Top 10 with 4 racers participating in each category. The AP250 category has the presence of Cao Viet and Nguyen Duc Thanh.

Having competed for 3 years in the AP250 class, Cao Vietnam left many marks. In the 2019 ARRC season, this driver achieved a record of 14/44, with the team ranking 7/20. That same year, he was the first Vietnamese to win the Thailand Talen Cup tournament. At this year’s tournament, this experienced driver is expected to maintain a good performance.

The next representative in the AP250 category is Nguyen Duc Thanh, who participated in the ARRC 2019 and 2022 competitions, and won consecutively at the Vietnam Motor Racing Championship 2019 and 2020, the Blade 110 and MSX 125 categories. excellent performance at the domestic racing tournament, Duc Thanh is trusted to represent the team competing in this year’s AP250 category,” said a representative of Honda Vietnam.

In the UB150 category, this racing team has two representatives, Nguyen Anh Tuan and Nguyen Huu Tri. In particular, Anh Tuan competed in stage 7 of ARRC 2019, participated in the full season of ARRC 2022, and was assessed by team leaders as having bravery, experience and energy when competing with international racers. Huu Tri is a young racer highly appreciated by this team at the VMRC 2022, reaching 3rd place in the entire tournament in the NSF100 category. In January, this 2008-born racer was one of three members selected and included in the list of Honda Racing Vietnam racing team.

In the ARRC 2023 competition, the representative of the HRV team said that the team aims to reach the top 10, with the expectation of gradually building a safe and healthy playground for speed followers, together with Honda Vietnam to lay the foundation for the Legal racing in the country. Accordingly, the riders will come to Thailand from March 19 to practice.

Technicians of Honda Racing Vietnam attended the technical lineup of the Sepang 8 Hours and Suzuka 8 Hours endurance tournaments..
Technicians from Honda Racing Vietnam participated in the technical lineup of the Sepang 8 Hours and Suzuka 8 Hours endurance tournaments.

In order to realize this goal, Honda Vietnam restructured the organizational chart, optimizing the operation of each member’s role. In addition, the company also researched AP250 engines, cooperated with Yuzy racing team (Malaysia) to develop racing cars of the UB150 category, participated in training at Suzuka Circuit …

The ARRC 2023 season is expected to start with 6 competitions, held at major racecourses in Asia, the schedule is as follows:

Racers Estimated Location Estimated Time (2023)

1 Thailand March 24 – 26
2 Malaysia 12-14/5
3 Japan 23 – 25/6
4 Indonesia 11 – 13/8
5 Chinese 6 – 8/10
6 Thailand 1 – 3/12





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