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Vespa 946 Anniversario: Celebrating a Decade of Ageless Fashion

Vespa, the notorious Italian bike brand, is celebrating the 10th commemoration of its most prestigious demonstrate, the Vespa 946, with a extraordinary version:
the Vespa 946 Anniversario. This restricted version bike combines classic Vespa plan with cutting edge innovation and extravagance materials, making it a genuine collector’s thing for Vespa devotees.

Celebrating 10 years old, Vespa 946 has the funniest special edition in history

No longer shaking hands with “fashion houses” like Christian Dior or Emporio Armani, the speciality of Vespa 946 Anniversario is reflected in the neo-nostalgic paint colors and funny motifs.

Created in 2013 and continuing the legacy of a humanist approach to design – in which the human figure is at the same time the creator and the heart of the creative idea – the Vespa 946 has now become the inspiration for the next generation of Vespas. Produced in a separate line more like a haute couture workshop than a factory, the 946 has become a collector’s item and the world’s most expensive and unique scooter model.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of this super luxury scooter line, Vespa has launched the latest special version of the 946 at EICMA 2022. Called Vespa 946 10° Anniversario, the car attracts the eye right from the color. their blue color – similar to the color that is “trending” of the Spring – Summer 2023 collections at fashion weeks in New York, London or Milan. Inspired by the green color of the classic Vespa lines, in fact the paint color of the Vespa 946 10° Anniversario has been mixed with pearls. This effect only emerges when the vehicle is under strong light.

This blue is covered over the entire body and including the rims. However, the inner part of the wheel is still matte gray to remind of the toothpicks of the old Vespas. Even the saddle embroidery thread and handmade handle are the same color as the body. Located above the green background of Vespa 946 10° Anniversario are funny rabbit images clinging to the tail and a corner of the front bib. However, Vespa does not talk about the origin or meaning of this cute character.

In addition to the new points mentioned above, the Vespa 946 10° Anniversario has completely unchanged specifications compared to all previous 946 versions. This means that the car is still equipped with a 4-stroke engine of the 3V ie family. old instead of the new iGet, with a capacity of 125 or 150cc depending on the market. Compared to other small frame Vespas using the same engine, the Vespa 946 Anniversario is more prominent when equipped with 2-channel ABS and traction control system.

Currently, the price and sale time of Vespa 946 Anniversario has not been announced. In addition, it is not clear how many units this anniversary version will be produced, but one thing is for sure that the car will only be sold in 2023.

Speaking of small frame Vespa, also at EICMA 2022 this brand has launched a new color version for the Primavera line. Called Color Vibe, the new Vespa Primavera is painted in one of two colors: Arancio Impulsivo red or Bianco Innocente gray, combined with Ottanio turquoise floor tiles. Contrasting black trim is used to highlight the different components, while the seats are black with anthracite stitching.

The Vespa 946 Anniversario Plan

The Vespa 946 10º Anniversario could be a magnum opus of Italian plan. It highlights a smooth, streamlined outline with a steel body, exquisite aluminum amalgam edges, and a unmistakable Driven front light. The bike is accessible in a unique Azzurro 10th Commemoration color, which may be a deep shade of blue motivated by the Mediterranean Ocean.

One of the foremost striking highlights of the Vespa 946 Anniversario is the rich calfskin saddle, which is hand-stitched and decorated with the 10th-anniversary symbol. The bike too incorporates a coordinating calfskin sack on the front, culminate for carrying little things.

Execution and Innovation Of Vespa 946 Anniversario

The Vespa 946 Anniversario isn’t fair a beautiful bike; it moreover highlights state-of-the-art innovation for a smooth and productive ride. The bike is fueled by a 125cc, 4-stroke, single-cylinder motor with electronic fuel infusion, creating 11 drive and a best speed of 59 mph (95 km/h).

The Vespa 946 10º Anniversario moreover highlights an progressed electronic footing control framework, which makes a difference keep up steadiness and avoid sliding on dangerous streets. The bike includes a 220mm front plate brake and a 200mm raise plate brake, guaranteeing dependable stopping power.

Extravagance Materials and Craftsmanship

The Vespa 946 Anniversario could be a genuine extravagance bike, with high-quality materials and master craftsmanship. The scooter’s steel body is finished with a uncommon paint strategy that gives it a soft-touch impact. The aluminum amalgam edges are lightweight and solid, with a diamond-cut wrap up that includes a touch of tastefulness.

The calfskin saddle and sack are made from top-quality Nappa calfskin, which is delicate and supple to the touch. The saddle is hand-stitched and decorated with the 10th-anniversary symbol, making it a special and elite feature of this special edition scooter.

Constrained Accessibility and Collectibility

The Vespa 946 Anniversario may be a constrained version bike, with as it were 1000 units created around the world. Each bike is separately numbered, making it a genuine collector’s thing for Vespa devotees.

The Vespa 946 Anniversario isn’t fair a bike; it’s a work of craftsmanship that celebrates the immortal fashion and tastefulness of Vespa. With its classic plan, advanced innovation, and extravagance materials, this special edition scooter may be a genuine confirmation to the craftsmanship and enthusiasm that goes into each Vespa.


The Vespa 946 Anniversario is a celebration of Vespa’s wealthy legacy and immortal fashion. This extraordinary version bike combines classic plan with advanced innovation and extravagance materials, making it a genuine collector’s thing for Vespa enthusiasts. With its limited availability and one of a kind highlights, the Vespa 946 10º Anniversario could be a must-have for anybody who increases in value Italian plan and craftsmanship





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