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Mercedes-AMG Unveils Solarbeam F3: A Futuristic Masterpiece

Mercedes-AMG Unveils Solarbeam F3: A Futuristic Masterpiece

Mercedes-AMG, the famous German car producer, has once once more pushed the boundaries of advancement with its most recent creation—the Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3. This cutting-edge vehicle speaks to a striking step forward in feasible driving, combining the elating execution of an AMG sports car with state-of-the-art sun oriented innovation. Let’s dig into the points of interest of this exceptional car wonder.

Presenting the Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3

The Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3 may be a exceptional confirmation to Mercedes-AMG’s commitment to maintainable versatility. This staggering vehicle brags an dazzling plan, mixing smooth streamlined features with cutting edge components. The solarbeam F3’s body is created with lightweight materials, guaranteeing ideal execution and proficiency.

Productivity Meets Execution

At the heart of the Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3 lies an imaginative sun based control framework that tackles the sun’s vitality to charge its progressed electric drivetrain. This groundbreaking innovation empowers the vehicle to function simply on sun based control, advertising an emission-free driving encounter. The F3’s high-efficiency sun oriented boards are consistently coordinates into the car’s plan, guaranteeing a outwardly striking and utilitarian masterpiece.

Unleashing Crude Control

The Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3 isn’t almost maintainability; it too conveys elating execution. Prepared with a effective electric engine, this cutting edge vehicle quickens with lightning speed, much appreciated to its moment torque conveyance. The cutting-edge battery innovation guarantees a long-range capability, permitting drivers to set out on exciting ventures without compromising on maintainability.

Progressed Sun oriented Innovation

The solarbeam F3’s sun oriented control framework could be a wonder of building. The vehicle’s sun based boards are built utilizing the most recent photovoltaic technology, maximizing the retention of daylight and changing over it into usable electrical vitality. These boards are deliberately put all through the car’s outside, optimizing introduction to daylight and guaranteeing a relentless stream of renewable control.

Inventive Insides Plan

Step inside the Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3, and you will be welcomed by an insides that consistently mixes extravagance, consolation, and cutting-edge innovation. The cabin highlights a moderate plan, emphasizd by premium materials and high-tech wraps up. The dashboard grandstands a cutting edge advanced show, giving drivers with imperative data around the vehicle’s execution and sun powered vitality usage.

Driving in Concordance with the Environment

One of the foremost significant preferences of the Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3 is its commitment to a greener future. By saddling the control of the sun, this exceptional vehicle diminishes dependence on fossil fills and minimizes hurtful outflows. It’s a confirmation to Mercedes-AMG’s commitment to feasible portability and their vision for a cleaner and more ecologically neighborly transportation scene.

Unparalleled Security Highlights

Mercedes-AMG has continuously been at the bleeding edge of car security innovation, and the solarbeam F3 is no exception. The vehicle is prepared with progressed driver help frameworks that improve security and give peace of intellect on the road. From collision shirking frameworks to versatile journey control, the F3 guarantees a secure and secure driving encounter.

Driving into long Term

With the Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3, the long run of car building has arrived. This groundbreaking vehicle exhibits the boundless conceivable outcomes of feasible mobility, combining execution, extravagance, and natural obligation into one awe-inspiring bundle. The solarbeam F3 serves as a confirmation to Mercedes-AMG’s devotion to pushing the boundaries of innovation and forming the future of the car industry.

As Mercedes-AMG proceeds to clear the way for economical portability, the solarbeam F3 stands out as a image of their commitment to innovation and environmental awareness. By saddling the control of the sun, this momentous vehicle not as it were diminishes carbon outflows but moreover exhibits the immense potential of renewable vitality within the car industry.

The integration of sun oriented boards into the solarbeam F3’s outside is a confirmation to Mercedes-AMG’s dedication to both frame and work. These high-efficiency sun powered boards are strategically positioned to capture the most extreme sum of daylight, guaranteeing a consistent supply of renewable vitality to control the vehicle. The consistent integration of sun oriented innovation into the car’s plan not as it were includes to its tasteful request but moreover optimizes the vehicle’s productivity.

The insides of the solarbeam F3 may be a genuine confirmation to the blending of extravagance and innovation. Created with accuracy and attention to detail, the cabin oozes style and advancement. From the premium materials to the progressed infotainment framework, each component of the insides is planned to upgrade the driving encounter.

The cutting edge advanced show on the dashboard gives drivers with real-time data around the sun oriented vitality being created and utilized by the vehicle. This enables drivers to get it their natural affect and energizes them to form conscious choices while driving. The solarbeam F3 isn’t fair a mode of transportation; it’s a articulation about the importance of maintainable hones and the part of innovation in forming a way better future.

In terms of execution, the solarbeam F3 does not compromise. With its powerful electric motor and cutting-edge battery innovation, the vehicle conveys elating acceleration and a smooth driving involvement. The moment torque given by the electric engine guarantees quick increasing speed, making each drive an adrenaline-filled enterprise. The long-range capability of the battery permits drivers to set out on extended journeys without stressing about running out of control.


May be a fundamental concern for Mercedes-AMG, and the solarbeam F3 is prepared with state-of-the-art security highlights to guarantee a secure driving experience. Advanced driver help frameworks, such as collision evasion frameworks and versatile voyage control, work in concordance to moderate potential dangers on the street. The solarbeam F3 is planned to supply both execution and peace of intellect, permitting drivers to appreciate the excite of the drive whereas prioritizing security.

In conclusion

The Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3 may be a remarkable accomplishment within the realm of feasible portability. By saddling the control of the sun, this cutting edge perfect work of art combines execution, extravagance, and environmental responsibility into a single groundbreaking vehicle. The solarbeam F3 speaks to a vision of a greener future, where supportability and driving joy go hand in hand. As Mercedes-AMG proceeds to push the boundaries of innovation, the solarbeam F3 serves as a testament to their unflinching commitment to shaping long-standing time of the car industry. Get prepared to set out on a travel into long-standing time with the Mercedes-AMG solarbeam F3—a showstopper of innovation, design, and economical driving.

MV Agusta launches Lewis Hamilton and AMG edition bikes

Two of the most impressive names in motorsport in the world, Lewis Hamilton and MV Agusta have teamed up to develop the new MV Agusta Dragster LH44, unveiled today to the public in Milan.

The three-time F1 world champion drives a Mercedes AMG and also owns an MV Agusta.

Self-professed bike enthusiast Lewis Hamilton worked with MV his Agusta designers to create a special edition Dragster RR. “I love riding motorcycles because it makes me feel free,” Hamilton said. “When I first got into fast driving, my dad used to pick me up and take me on weekends. He was driving fast!” His new MV Agusta Dragster LH44 is full of carbon fiber and has over 50 modifications. If you install standard wheels, it will be LH44. 44 is the number Hamilton drives in F1. It features an opaque red metal frame and white finish with Hamilton’s Panther logo. Alcantara genuine leather seats with red stitching are also available.

Only 244 bikes will be produced.

For 2016, MV’s Brutale 800 has been updated with a new large triple exhaust system that meets Euro 4 emissions standards and produces 116 horsepower. Torque has been increased by 25% to 61 ft-lbs of torque. It also has ride-by-wire throttle control and 8-level traction control.

MV Agusta’s new Brutale 800

MV Agusta also unveiled a special F3 AMG concept bike at the Milan show. It features a solar yellow coloring and is styled to reflect the coloring of the Mercedes AMG GT car. It also has black AMG logos on each side, black wheels, and yellow stitching on the seat and carbon fiber fenders. We don’t understand why it’s just a concept and why they don’t just sell some.

Other changes to the MV Agusta range include an 800cc triple range black engine finish and a larger 16 liter fuel tank from the Rivale.

The 2017 versions of the MV Agusta F3 RC added $1500 and, in a notable move, removed the AMG logo.

Only 350 bikes will be available and they can be ordered in Australia right now. Prices are $22,490 for the F3 675 RC and $24,990 for the F3 800 RC. This price is $1500 higher than last year.

We cannot see that there are any updates with the engines still producing 94.2kW ​​(675) and 108.8kW (800). The only visible change is that the AMG lettering has been removed from the car.

This comes after some disagreements between MV Agusta and major shareholder AMG-Mercedes.

MV Agusta director Giovanni Castiglioni has publicly stated that he does not benefit from the relationship with AMG.

He is looking for another major financial partner to buy Gemran connection.

However, AMG-Mercedes said it has no intention of divesting from the Italian manufacturer. That’s because they envy Audi’s ownership of Ducati and BMW Motorrad.

Meanwhile, Josh Pilley, Marketing Manager of Urban Moto Imports, Australia’s MV Agusta importer, said the F3 RC models are now available to order.

“There have been a lot of deliveries so far, with a good percentage going to orders from Australian and New Zealand customers,” he said.

“Personally, the RC is a bike that I would love to own. Its design and paintwork is something special, not to mention performance that catches your attention.


All models of the 2016 MV Agusta will be available in his December and the new his Brutale 800 will be available in his January.

AMG Motorbike: Redefining Performance on Two Wheels

Are you prepared to involvement the excite of speed and exactness on the open street? See no assist than the invigorating world of AMG Motorbikes. Combining the notorious fashion and designing ability of AMG with the opportunity and deftness of cruisers, AMG Motorbikes offer a special and extraordinary riding involvement. In this article, we dive into the world of AMG Motorbikes, investigating their history, plan reasoning, and the cutting-edge innovation that impels them to the cutting edge of the cruiser industry.

A Bequest of Fabulousness

AMG, brief for Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach, follows its roots back to a humble workshop in Germany. Established in 1967 by Hans Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher, AMG at first centered on customizing Mercedes-Benz cars for improved execution. Over the a long time, AMG’s devotion to accuracy designing and unrivaled craftsmanship impelled it to gotten to be the execution division of Mercedes-Benz.

In later a long time, AMG has extended its skylines past four wheels, wandering into the domain of motorbikes. These two-wheeled powerhouses acquire the same energy for execution and uncompromising quality that have characterized AMG’s bequest within the car world.

Planning the Culminate Ride

The plan reasoning behind AMG Motorbikes can be summarized in one word:
execution. Each perspective of these bicycles is carefully made to maximize speed, deftness, and generally invigoration. From the smooth and streamlined bodywork to the fastidiously built chassis, no detail is ignored.

AMG Motorbikes brag a particular and forceful stylish that reflects their high-performance nature. The utilize of premium materials, such as carbon fiber, not as it were contributes to their striking appearance but moreover upgrades the bikes’ quality and decreases weight. With striking lines, strong forms, and attention-grabbing colors, AMG Motorbikes request consideration both on and off the street.

Control and Accuracy

At the heart of each AMG Motorbike lies a powerhouse of an motor. The unmistakable snarl radiating from the deplete may be a confirmation to the designing wonders inside. AMG’s relentless pursuit of control and execution is clear within the cutting-edge innovation utilized in their bicycles.

Prepared with progressed motors and state-of-the-art hardware, AMG Motorbikes provide breathtaking increasing speed and unrivaled taking care of. Whether you’re prevailing winding mountain streets or tearing up the circuit, these bicycles offer a level of control and accuracy that few can coordinate.

Development and Innovation

AMG Motorbikes thrust the boundaries of development, consolidating the most recent mechanical headways to promote the riding encounter. From electronic rider helps to progressed suspension frameworks, AMG clears out no stone unturned in its journey for flawlessness.

One outstanding innovation found in AMG Motorbikes is the consolidation of progressed footing control frameworks. These frameworks utilize a combination of sensors and modern calculations to optimize control conveyance and improve hold, guaranteeing ideal execution in a assortment of street conditions. Moreover, cutting-edge braking frameworks give uncommon ceasing power and control, ingrains certainty within the rider.

Unparalleled Riding Involvement

Owning an AMG Motorbike is more than fair having a machine; it’s approximately grasping a way of life. From the moment you swing a leg over the situate and grasp the handlebars, you gotten to be part of an exclusive community that increases in value the better things in life.

AMG Motorbikes offer a run of models to suit distinctive riding styles and inclinations. Whether you favor the agile deftness of a don bicycle or the long-distance comfort of a visiting bicycle, AMG has you secured. Each show is fastidiously planned and created to provide an unparalleled riding involvement, combining execution, consolation, and style inperfect harmony.





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