Harley-Davidson Presents the Sportster S 2021 Cruiser Bike with the Progressive Insurgency Max 1250 Motor

Harley-Davidson Sportster S 2021 has continuously been known for creating cruisers that are both famous and imaginative. In 2021, they’ve once once more illustrated their commitment to development with the presentation of the Sportster S 2021 cruiser cruiser. This modern demonstrate highlights the progressive Insurgency Max 1250 motor, which conveys unparalleled control and execution. Let’s take a closer see at what makes the Sportster S so uncommon.

The Transformation Max 1250 Motor: A Game-Changer

At the heart of the Sportster S 2021 is the progressive Transformation Max 1250 motor. This unused motor could be a game-changer within the world of cruiser bikes. It’s a liquid-cooled V-twin that delivers an amazing 121 drive and 94 lb-ft of torque. Usually a noteworthy increment in control over past Sportster models, and it puts the Sportster S in a association of its claim.

The Insurgency Max 1250 motor is additionally outlined with the most recent innovation, counting variable valve timing, which optimizes execution at all motor speeds. The motor is additionally prepared with a six-speed transmission, which permits for smooth moving and great control.

A Strong and Forceful Planreamlined see. The Driven lighting framework, which incorporates a particular Daymaker headlamp, moreover includes to the bike’s forceful styling.

The Sportster S 2021 is accessible in three striking color choices:
Distinctive Dark, Stone Washed White Pearl, and Midnight Blood red. Each color alternative has its claim special identity, but all of them are designed to turn heads.

A Comfortable and Ergonomic Riding Encounter Sportster S 2021

Harley-Davidson Sportster S 2021 knows that a awesome cruiser isn’t close to control and fashion. It’s too around the rider’s consolation and encounter. That’s why they’ve planned the Sportster S with an accentuation on ergonomics and consolation.

The bike features a low-slung saddle that’s outlined to keep the rider in a comfortable and loose position. The handlebars are also positioned to supply amazing control and a comfortable hold. The bike’s suspension framework is additionally outlined to supply a smooth and comfortable ride, indeed on bumpy streets.


The Sportster S 2021 is the next generation of the Sportster product line that combines unlimited power and modern technology, promising to write a new chapter in Harley-Davidson history.

Sportster S 2021 is a sports motorcycle model that has just been launched by Harley-Davidson in mid-July. This steed is expected to usher in an era of outstanding Sportster power with the Revolution® Max 1250T V-Twin engine block delivering 121 hp.

In addition, the rigid, lightweight chassis and high-grade suspension provide flexible and responsive handling, so the Sportster S 2021 can both become a vehicle for moving on urban streets and a mighty machine on long roads. Whatever the terrain, the Sportster S offers riders extraordinary power and performance, while also setting a new standard for Harley-Davidson endurance.


In terms of design, the Sportster S 2021 has a strong and aggressive appearance with the fuel tank and rear frame separate from the engine, creating a highlight on the body of the car. The large front tire, short fenders are reminiscent of classic bobbers, while the rear end, pair of tubes, and thin single seat are inspired by the previous Harley-Davidson XR750 tracker. Big front forks, wide tires create the image of a high-performance motorcycle.

Besides, it is impossible to ignore the outstanding engine block with Chocolate Satin color layer. The motor housing is designed with an ultra-lightweight magnesium material. Other details are carefully selected in terms of colors, materials and meticulously cared to both show the prominence of the engine block and create a harmonious, sophisticated but still attractive overall. attractive, impressive even in the garage of the car owner.


The 1250cc Revolution Max 1250T engine block is the powerful mechanical heart of the Sportster S. This new version of the liquid-cooled V-Twin is the latest Harley-Davidson designed, fine-tuned to deliver extremely high torque at low engine rpm, engine performance for strong acceleration in the early and mid rpm ranges.

To minimize the weight of the vehicle, the engine is designed to be linked to the frame located in the center of the vehicle. The use of lightweight materials also helps the car achieve a desirable weight/power ratio. The fuel tank has a capacity of 11.8 liters, the Sportster S 2021 has a wet weight of only 228kg. The 2-1-2 exhaust system, placed on high, has been adjusted for a powerful but still pleasant sound, not too aggressive or ostentatious.


Besides the design and engine, the technology integrated on the Sportster S 2021 is also one of the notable highlights. This steed is equipped with a range of new technologies to enhance the driving experience on every road.

First of all, there are 03 pre-programmed driving modes including: Sport, Road and Rain with support from advanced electronic devices. The driver can use two custom modes to create separate parameters to meet operating conditions or simply according to individual preferences and driving skills.

Harley-Davidson’s Sportster S 2021 cornering safety technology has also been upgraded on the Sportster S 2021 to assist the driver in handling unexpected situations or adverse operating conditions. These features are designed to match the vehicle’s performance, interfering with the vehicle’s traction when accelerating, decelerating and braking whether in a straight line or corner.

In addition, Sportster S 2021 is also equipped with a round TFT display screen with a diameter of 4 inches that allows to display all measured parameters on the vehicle, infotainment is synchronized via Bluetooth connection with mobile devices and headset on helmet, including music, incoming and outgoing calls. The all-LED lighting system includes Daymaker Signature LED headlights designed to provide a wide, even light without distracting glare when driving. The oval headlights create a distinctive style that stands out for the front end, making a strong impression on the opposite riders.


The engine block is a structural component of the chassis, with Sportster S 2021, Harley-Davidson boldly abandoned the traditional side frame to significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle, creating a strong frame and chassis system. and at the same time help the car handle more accurately. The chassis of the Sportster S is designed in an X shape to increase rigidity and create a special design style for the car.

In addition, the Sportster S 2021 is also equipped with a high-quality adjustable front fork with a 43mm Showa reverse fork and a single rear fork with a Showa oil tank that can be adjusted with a hydraulic knob. left side of the vehicle.

Wheels are made of die-cast aluminum alloy, light weight, beautiful solo 5-spoke design, accompanied by wide Dunlop® / Harley-Davidson® Series GT503 tires. In addition, this steed is added with premium Brembo brakes for outstanding feel and performance. Single front brake, new Brembo 4-piston caliper, 320mm disc diameter. Single rear brake, brake shackle 02, brake disc diameter 260mm.

With the design of the footrest placed forward, the low handlebar helps the Sportster S to have a slightly “silly” driving posture, with an aggressive appearance, suitable for bikers with strong personalities who like to face challenges. and conquer new things. The car’s unladen saddle height is 755mm, the handbrake and

Cutting-Edge Innovation

In expansion to its capable engine and striking plan, the Sportster S 2021 moreover highlights cutting-edge innovation. The bicycle is prepared with a 4-inch circular TFT show that gives the rider with all the data they require, counting speed, RPM, and adapt position. The show is additionally customizable, permitting riders to personalize it to their enjoying.

The Sportster S too highlights a extend of progressed security highlights, counting cornering ABS and footing control. These highlights offer assistance keep the rider secure and in control, indeed in challenging riding conditions.


Harley-Davidson has once once more demonstrated their commitment to innovation and brilliance with the presentation of the Sportster S 2021 cruiser motorcycle. This new show may be a game-changer within the world of cruiser cruisers, much obliged to its progressive Revolution Max 1250 motor, strong and forceful design, comfortable ergonomics, and cutting-edge technology. In case you’re searching for a cruiser that’s as effective because it is stylish, the Sportster S is the idealize choice. So what are you holding up for? Head to your closest Harley-Davidson dealership and take the Sportster S for a test ride nowadays!


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