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Brough Superior SS100: The Legend of the Bike World

The Brough Superior SS100 may be a incredible bike that has captivated riders and devotees for nearly a century. Known for its smooth plan, capable motor, and extraordinary execution, the Brough Prevalent SS100 has gotten to be a image of brilliance within the bike industry.

The History of the Brough Superior SS100

The Brough Superior SS100 was to begin with presented in 1924 by George Brough, a British cruiser producer. The SS100 was considered one of the foremost progressed cruisers of its time, with a best speed of 100 miles per hour, thus the title SS100.

The Brough Superior SS100 picked up a notoriety for its quality and toughness, with each bike being handcrafted by talented experts. The bike was too known for its tall cost, making it a extravagance thing for affluent riders.

Amid its generation, the Brough Prevalent SS100 experienced a few advancements, counting a unused motor plan, gearbox, and outline. These changes made a difference improve the motorcycle’s execution and unwavering quality, making it a favorite among riders.

The Plan of the Brough Prevalent SS100

The Brough Superior SS100 encompasses a interesting and immortal plan that still captivates riders and devotees nowadays. The cruiser highlights a long, low-slung frame, with a smooth and streamlined plan that made a difference upgrade its speed and execution.

The motorcycle’s motor was a V-twin, which was considered one of the foremost powerful engines of its time. The motor was too air-cooled, which made a difference make strides its execution and unwavering quality.

The Brough Predominant SS100’s plan was moreover known for its consideration to detail, with each bike being handcrafted by talented experts. The bike included a tall level of craftsmanship and exactness, with each component being carefully outlined and fabricated to the most elevated measures.

The Bequest of the Brough Prevalent SS100

The Brough Predominant SS100 has left a enduring bequest within the bike world, with its plan and execution still affecting bike producers nowadays. The cruiser has too ended up a image of greatness and quality, with numerous riders and devotees considering it to be the extreme cruiser.

The Brough Predominant SS100 has also gained a notoriety for being one of the foremost collectible and valuable bikes within the world. In 2018, a Brough Prevalent SS100 sold for a record-breaking $327,000 at sell off, highlighting the motorcycle’s persevering request and esteem.


The Brough Superior SS100 could be a incredible cruiser that has cleared out an permanent stamp on the bike industry. Its smooth design, powerful motor, and exceptional execution have made it a image of brilliance and quality, with riders and devotees still captivated by its ageless offer.

Whether you’re a bike devotee or simply appreciate outstanding plan and performance, the Brough Superior SS100 could be a cruiser that you cannot manage to miss. With its wealthy history, uncommon craftsmanship, and persevering bequest, the Brough Predominant SS100 is genuinely a legend of the motorcycle world.






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